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You’re Baking a Tester Cake. What Goes in It?

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4 min readNov 30, 2021


Hi there,

Why join a community of people with an interest in the testing craft? Is it to learn from each other? Is it to build connections and perhaps friendships? A way to progress your career? Or is it something else? I’d love to know, feel free to message me.

Sometimes I think it’s just about hanging out and letting loose, cos life can be super hectic. I’m excited we get to do that at HolidayBash. See you on Friday? 🥳

- Simon, CommunityBoss

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

Are you looking for career inspiration? Watch the latest Masterclass from Lena Wiberg and start making aspirational plans. 🧭

New Articles: What is Exploratory Testing? Here are four simple words to level up your exploratory testing efforts. And find out how it’s a collaborative learning technique for the whole team.

🏝 New Podcast: Testers’ Island Discs Episode 53. Kelly Kenyon joins Neil to discuss the many (oftentimes musical) threads of her working life, and how they have eventually led her to discover the joy of testing.

Continue the conversation:

🎧 Listen as Kristof chats with Simon about how you can move your role into a more DevTestOps domain and watch as Maaret explores the realities of testing. 📺

We all learned so much during Test.bash(); 2021 and 30 Days of Tools so we thought it would be interesting to gather some stats to explore and reflect on. Check out this excellent infographic. Does anything surprise you? 😮

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MOSTLY AI — 3 ways synthetic data simplifies test engineering

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Discover Useful Business Posts

🤖 Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming valuable tools in testing, how could they be used for automation testing?

Selenium is an Automation Framework, but it’s not a strategy. How should we use Selenium within our overall strategy?

Have you heard about the new Applitools EyesLibrary? Learn how to get started with the Robot Framework Library. 📚

🥾 What are user story kick-offs? Learn how to implement user story kick-offs and improve quality as a team.

Get Closer to the Community

Get ahead in 2022 with these career-development community contributions. 🎯

Receiving and soliciting feedback is such a skill, particularly when it comes to planning and actioning your career goals. I enjoyed this short Twitter thread from Shivani. It’s full of excellent advice on how to receive and ask for feedback!

🎧 The Testing Peers dive into coaching during their latest podcast episode. They explore the definition of coaching and how it helps you and others. And also ask, is quality coaching the future of our craft?

Nicola chatted with Christina about her move from a testing role to a more Agile-focused role. Discover two reasons why a tester can make the move into Agile Coaching.

Joining a new project, team, or company? Let Meg help you navigate your way around this new experience with their personal checklist of actions to take when starting a new project. ☑️



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