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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 406

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From all of the team here at Ministry of Testing, welcome to 2023! 🎉

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have put themselves forward to speak/run a session at this year’s TestBashes. It’s incredible! The abstracts demonstrate a whole wealth of knowledge and it’s lovely to see folks are up for sharing.

And here’s the other cool bit. You as a community member can share your thoughts on those abstracts. There’s a simple review system in place and every piece of feedback helps Team MoT shape the conferences and provide feedback to everyone who doesn’t make the line-up. It’s super rewarding to spend five or so minutes reviewing some abstracts. Plus, you get a sneak peek at ideas to inspire your own learning. Good stuff!

Mark Winteringham recently launched a new call for contributions for 99 Minute Workshops. Share your workshop idea and if successful, be paid for your efforts. And as if workshops weren’t enough, we’re bringing back Masterclasses — a 45-minute online talk with Q&A. I’m leading the effort and I’d love to hear from you. What topics would you like to learn about? What Masterclass could you run? Send me an email before I officially put out the call for contributions.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

P.S. Blind Bird Tickets for TestBash UK in Liverpool has been extended. Find out why and grab yourself a ticket. 🎟️

Can you help?

  1. Mahathee would like to know what technical books would you recommend.
  2. Lee asks, what excites you about testing?
  3. New job? What do you do on your first day/week/month?
  4. How much time do you spend manually creating test data?
  5. David would like feedback and collaborators as he builds a new exploratory testing tool. Get involved.

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