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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 402

Ministry of Testing


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There is much to look forward to.

The inaugural ReTestBash is this week, on the 1st of December. I’m looking forward to folks reflecting on what they learnt at TestBash UK, have attempted to apply at work and figuring out what’s next. If you’re stuck, join the ReTestBash Reflection Community. Get ahead before the day and see who might help you.

And for those who couldn’t make TestBash UK in person, ReTestBash is the event for you. Folks like Marie Cruz, Julia Pottinger, Clare Norman, Robbie Falck plus more will be available for a Q&A after revisiting their talks. Speaking of Robbie, check out an article to support his talk. It includes powerful techniques to visualise your ways of working.

It’s soon time to celebrate with the community so please join us at HolidayBash. ☃️ The team and I have been setting things up behind the scenes and it’ll be like no other TestBash. Explore a virtual snow-covered world with plenty of games and places to video chat. I’ve also seen the quiz and it’s full of gold! Open to all our incredible Pro members. 👑

There’s still time to join November’s Bloggers Club. There are already a couple of entries to spark a good conversation about testing professionals continuing to justify their value.

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

ICYMI: TestBash UK 2023 moved to Liverpool. Read the announcement.

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