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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 401

Ministry of Testing


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Are your real devices in the cloud yet?
Some mobile app development teams today are still dealing with the challenges of maintaining physical/on-premises real devices for mobile app testing. Learn the benefits of moving real device testing to the cloud.

What do you do when there are too many bugs in production?

It’s been an interesting discussion to see what folks would do in this situation, as indeed this is exactly what Jean faces right now. Lots of helpful advice on the MoT LinkedIn Group and The Club. There seems to be a common theme about going back to the basics of what quality means for the team and their customers. This reminds me of Dan Ashby’s talk about assessing quality throughout the SDLC.

Thomas Shipley facilitated a sterling Thursday Testing Tea, using the super-effective Lean Coffee technique. Read the shared notes captured during the session. What might you do with this information? What conversations can you spark with your team? What action could you take next?

We’re also very pleased to announce that the first Community Co-created Curriculum is complete, thanks to the hard work of the testing community and some of the team here at MoT. The Automation Engineer in Testing Curriculum covers core tasks and has specific steps and learning outcomes to help guide those looking to learn about automation. It also gives teachers of automation a structure to their teaching. Plus it guides managers with their hiring efforts and helps automators evaluate their own experiences. Do check it out.

For those worried about the future of the testing community on Twitter, here are ten other places you can connect with the Ministry of Testing community:

1️⃣ The Club
2️⃣ MoT Slack
3️⃣ LinkedIn
4️⃣ LinkedIn Group
5️⃣ Weekly Newsletter (how meta!)
6️⃣ MoT Meetups
7️⃣ MoT YouTube
8️⃣ MoT Events
9️⃣ MoT Companies
And of course the hub of it all 👉 🔟

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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The Sessions of OnlineTestConf 2022 You Won’t Want To Miss!
The original virtual conference for the global QA community will be kicking off a condensed day of sessions on November 29th, with something for everyone: automation, test strategy, test orchestration, skill sharpening, and stories of failure and success. Join for free.

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