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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 399

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During a recent deep dive of Twitter data, Áine (MarketingBoss) and I realised yet again that the testing community is incredibly open to helping people who are new to the testing world. How lovely is that! There are many ways to give back to the testing community and we’re currently working on making those options more explicit.

And welcome to those new to the community who have moved from a developer role to a test engineer role. You might feel alone yet there are folks who have done something similar. Such as Angie Jones, Benjamin Bischoff, Simon Prior, Aprajita Mathur and Lena (Pejgan) Wiberg.

It also seems some folks continue to feel pressure to become automation engineers when that’s not where they’d like to take their careers. If you’re at a similar reflection point with your career check out Christian Baumann’s helpful advice.

I’d like to call out a couple of new job congratulations. Karen Todd — who gives much to the testing community — started a new role last week. 🎉 It’s been a journey for Karen and one she’s shared publically. And many congrats to Melissa Fisher who also started a new job last week. A true community legend. Amazing news!

Sharing in public can go a long way to inspire each other. However, go easy on yourself. What’s a low-effort zero-pressure way to give back to the testing community in public? I’d love to hear what you’re up to. Let’s amplify your efforts.

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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