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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 398

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There’s a first time for everything.

Like ReTestBash. An excellent opportunity for everyone who joined TestBash UK to come back to what they learnt and reconnect with the people they met. Plus it’s also a chance for those who didn’t make it to become part of the TestBash UK 2022 fold.

I was curious about Simon Prior’s recent question and the replies to this tweet. How would you encourage someone to join a social media-based testing community without fear of saying the wrong thing? We have an excellent opportunity to continue to welcome those new to the community and with it, their unique voice. 🗣

It seems we should continue to talk more about value and use storytelling as a tool to do so. Yet I also note folks have been worried about how they demonstrate value. We question everything as testers and that includes our own abilities. I’m reminded we can turn to techniques to enhance our credibility, such as Oracles & Heuristics and helpful strategies like these from Michele Playfair.

✍️ Another way to grow confidence in our capabilities is to write about our experiences. I very much enjoyed co-hosting a Twitter Space with the awesome Aaron Flynn. We talked about writing and the MoT Bloggers Club. 🎧 Check out what was discussed. Thanks to Richard, Shaista and AJ for also joining us on stage.

How about turning your writing skills into a talk abstract? Speaking at a conference is a great way to enhance your career. There’s now a call for papers for TestBash Spring 2023. Read the announcement.

Need a chuckle? Have a look at the replies to this question: “You’re staying at the Tester Themed Hotel. What’s it called?” I do love how creative the testing community is! 🤩😆

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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