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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 397

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It’s a tricky one.

You’ve just logged off from another online event. You’ve amplified your connection with friendly community members and gathered a whole tonne of new information. And a crucial career spark might just be around the corner.

Yet how can you apply what you’ve learnt? How might you map it to your day-to-day tasks and goals? How do you join it up to support your career?

Perhaps one way is to ask the community how they do it, on whatever platform or place you hang out (have a look at the end of this email for the links to places to hang out). Discover how people apply their learnings in their context. Consider the variety of approaches and pick one to experiment with — get started and see what happens.

Last week’s Test.bash(); was designed to offer a heap of practical examples to amplify the importance of tool awareness. I got a sense attendees were pleasantly surprised by the variety of approaches and tools used to solve just four challenges. And I have a hunch it’ll create a reflection point for many the next time they pick up a new tool. Problems Before Tools — to repeat the words of Richard Bradshaw.

Pro Members and Test.bash(); 2022 ticket holders can revisit the day of talks, a panel discussion and an Ask Me Anything. Plus check out a treasure trove of challenge video solutions from the community. Go create some sparks! 🎥

There’s also this super useful article from Dan Barrow: Keeping The Conference Momentum Going. One piece of advice talks about writing. So I’m looking forward to a chat with Aaron Flynn later this week on a Twitter Space. We’ll explore how the MoT Bloggers Club and writing can help your career.

Lots to learn. Lots to do. We gotta start somewhere.

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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