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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 396

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It was quite the rush.

Just several days ago I had no idea I’d be up on stage hosting TestBashX Bucks. Yet due to circumstances out of their control the original host, Laveena, had to pull out. We shared what this meant for the diversity of the original lineup.

Guiding a room took courage, energy and focus plus a heavy dose of teamwork. We stuck to a hosting plan and modified it when new and unexpected information revealed itself. I used a script to guide me yet I didn’t follow it word for word. We committed to what we said we would do and also took real-time feedback into account. It was just like testing! 😃

You too can be a testing event host. We’re always looking to expand the Ministry of Testing host network. If you’re interested — even if you think you aren’t good enough — please do get in touch. We can work with you to support your ambition to host an event.

This week it’s Test.bash(); with plenty of brilliant hosts to guide you throughout the day: Vernon Richards, Gwen Diagram, Jenna Charlton and Callum Akehurst-Ryan. 🤩 I’m excited to see how folks get involved as they listen to online talks in real-time and jump on the live chat. Plus there are plenty of interesting challenge videos to watch. I’ve already had a sneak peek at some 🤫 and they’re super helpful. It’s good to see how people take on a testing challenge and demonstrate their thought process.

You can still register as part of a MoT Pro Membership. If you’re still unsure about joining, have a read of why you might want to consider attending on the day.

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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