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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 395

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5 Ways to Time Travel Test [Whitepaper]
Temporal testing is critical for date sensitive business rules such as insurance rates, billing, and enrollment. Efficient time travel testing can increase your test coverage, accelerate development, and improve software quality. Read our whitepaper to learn the 5 ways to time travel software!

What lies beneath the surface?

I often reflect that explicit and tacit knowledge can get into a muddle. Particularly when considered at various levels such as at an individual, team or department level. I’m an advocate for exploratory testing and see this as one of the ways to turn tacit knowledge — the thing some people just know — into explicit knowledge. It’s an attempt at turning discoveries into a shared understanding, as shared as it can be whilst acknowledging our biases. Have a look at the Exploring Exploratory Testing Series. There are plenty of handy tips on getting started and deeper digs into parts of the exploratory testing technique toolbox.

I also think the testing community does a lot of interesting things beneath the surface. There are many exciting initiatives discussed publically and many of those become chats between a few which leads to good things. Behind-the-scenes conversation + action = opportunity to grow. What have you seen in public that you think “I’d like to follow up with that person’s idea and create something for the testing community?” Perhaps reach out to that person today.

Eva Podbrdská and I had a good chat about her Test.bash(); challenge on a Twitter Space. We talk about how challenges are a great way to discover new tools. And great to hear from Mirza, Louise, Beth and Paul. There was much love for how the testing community supports our careers.

You might’ve seen Richard and Mark have been busy live streaming and there’s more to come this week. Subscribe to the Ministry of Testing YouTube channel to be notified. Plus Sarah shares five reasons to join a tool exploration extravaganza. What might you discover at Test.bash();?

Couple of items to check out on the site. Kristoph, Benjamin and Deborah explore pair testing, dark launch and peer reviews. Also, a must-read from Ady: Simple tests for accessibility every tester should know.

And one final thing, for those heading to Milton Keynes for TestBashX Bucks, I’ll see you there. It’ll be lovely to meet and chat with you in person.

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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