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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 394

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I kinda knew it yet I haven’t been able to articulate it.

Observing in real life and reading about everyone’s TestBash UK experience, I realise the following:

The Ministry of Testing community is an entity that creates crucial career sparks. ⚡️

A crucial career spark could be someone reflecting on a talk and realising they have been doing it all along, and now have a way of articulating it. Which leads to that person feeling better about their skills and self-worth.

Another crucial career spark could be a 1–2–1 conversation that leads to someone taking action at work — a next step to do the thing they’ve put off for so long. In each case, someone moves their career forward or fundamentally transforms their career. I’d love to hear from you, what have been your crucial career sparks?

In event news, we need your help with TestBashX Bucks. Richard Bradshaw shares why and how you might be able to help us sell more tickets. Thank you to those of you who have already bought tickets to gift to others. What a kind gesture! 🫶🏻

Plus Mark Winteringham and Richard will live stream each Test.bash(); Challenge. Register via the event links below and subscribe to the Ministry of Testing YouTube channel. Click on the bell to get an alert for when each live stream goes ahead. Oh, and here’s important news on the Test.bash(); speaker lineup — including a sneak peek mention of “The Wheel of Tools” and “Tool Karaoke”. 😉

One final thing, when was the last time you asked the testing community a question? People in the community hang out in many places, such as The Club, MoT Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond. If you can’t find an answer on one, try asking on another.

Have a good week.
— Simon, CommunityBoss

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