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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 393

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As you might imagine, we are as a team and as a community, recovering from the wonder that was TestBash UK. We took an enormous risk by trying our first multi-track event with multiple different formats — talks, workshops and activities. We’re delighted it went so well and so many of you enjoyed it, with lots of actionable takeaways. It has been inspiring to say the least. For those on Twitter, have a look at #TestBash to relive and reflect.

One last wee bit of excitement to share — we’ve just announced TestBash UK 2023 is happening in Cambridge! It will happen in September again and we’ve released a limited number of Blind Bird tickets!

We’re a product of our environment — whether it’s removing barriers making it easier to develop new habits, or using tools such as cards to think about threat modelling. How do you set yourself and/or your team up for success? Do you plan regular discussions with other testers to share issues you’re having, or maybe hackathons to unearth new bugs? Share what you’re up to and ask a question on The Club.

By contrast, when do you decide it’s time to give up on a test script? Conrad shared his experience over on The Club with a script that is definitely causing frustration. When would you call it quits? Do you have stopping criteria?

One final thing, there’s still time to submit your video solution for the Test.bash(); Challenges. The links to each are below in the “Calls for Contributions” section of this newsletter.

Have a good week.
— Áine, MarketingBoss

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