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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 392

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When does a testing habit become a hindrance?

The sales team rushed into our office. “Advert revenue has suddenly taken a dip. What’s happened?” Turns out my fellow testing colleague and I had incorrectly signed off a release. Both of us were so used to running regression that we no longer used the regression test checklist. We literally didn’t see what wasn’t in front of us — the missing adverts! It was a big learning day for us both.

We resolved the issue quickly and ran a post-mortem. It led to a big push for automated checks for essential features and a renewed energy of not taking things for granted or becoming complacent with regression tests. Thinking back to that experience, it was very likely the start of a move towards a whole-team approach to quality — instead of relying on us QA folks to sign off a release.

Speaking of habits, Alex Reynolds joins us this week at TestBash UK with a talk on the power of habit. And last week Team MoT have been busy preparing the finishing touches to what will be an incredible conference. Sarah Deery (LearningBoss) shares five handy tips on returning to in-person conferences and do check out Nicola Lindgren’s eight tips for networking at events. It’s been lovely to see the community post selfies to make it easier for TestBash UK attendees to meet in person.

The testing community continues to grow and includes lots of people who are new to the world of testing! It always feels good to continue to share Heather Reid’s incredible 30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn. And we often see folks new to testing worried if they should pay for some sort of foundation testing course and exam. What are your thoughts on this topic? I’ve enjoyed reading the responses so far.

One more thing, fancy treating yourself or a colleague to a new t-shirt? David Duke’s winning slogan is now available in the MoT Store! 👕

Have a good week and see some of you in person at TestBash UK. Can’t wait!

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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