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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 391

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TimeShiftX — Start Time Traveling Today
TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code or system clock changes and removing all pain points.

Who doesn’t love something new to explore?

I know I do. I just can’t help it. Any new feature, any new change, any new thing. I just gotta explore it to discover what’s what.

Team MoT recently launched a new feature on the site: Bookmarks. I spoke with Andrew Morton (DevBoss). “The bookmark feature has been very interesting to develop. We had done a lot of work over the past few months to allow us to use Hotwire, and that work paid off with bookmarks. Richard (BossBoss) and I paired extensively, and we were quickly able to implement Hotwire features that supported the user experience we were aiming for.” Give it a try. What article, talk or course might you bookmark today?

And we also launched our first ever conference app for TestBash UK. Download it on iOS and Android. You’ll have on-the-move access to everything you need to know. Plan your own schedule and easy access all the details about every speaker, host and sponsor. There’s also a fun photo frame for you to capture pics. 📸

I love seeing how folks in the testing community share their experiences. It’s so rewarding for everyone involved. There are many ways to contribute to the testing community and you might already be contributing without realising it! I’ve been working with Sarah Deary (LearningBoss) and Mark Winteringham (OpsBoss) on a Ways To Contribute initiative. Keep an eye out for more info coming soon.

❤️ Do you really love a particular testing tool? There is still time to earn an extra £100. I encourage you to record a demo/walkthrough video for Test.bash();. Pick from a Visual, UI, API Automation or Data Management challenge. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and experience with the testing community. Find a screen recorder, hit record and talk about what you’re doing. That’s £100 in your pocket. Oh, and you get free access to the conference. Lovely stuff!

Last week I co-hosted a Twitter Space with Callum Akehurst-Ryan about TestBash UK and we joked that maybe we should put together charters to explore during the conference. While it was fun to get meta, I think I actually might do that! 😃

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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