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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 390

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As we start a new month, one filled with events, let’s take a few minutes to catch up and take a breath. I recently sent out the monthly events email — go check it out for a full list of ways you can make the most of your MoT membership, whichever option you have.

We’re sad to see the news that Elisabeth Hendrickson is closing down her blog. She kindly shared the fact that we have published her wonderful and very useful Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet. It has been updated since the original and it is available to absolutely everyone, there’s even a pdf to download so you can keep a copy locally — maybe print it out and stick it to your office wall?

Sarah has put together a really useful video to help convince your boss to attend TestBash UK — it’s also useful for other events too. You can watch the short video on the TestBash UK event page.

I really enjoyed this post on The Club from Wilco — When have you gone one step further in your testing? There are some excellent examples of when people have made their tests as realistic as possible.

I thought I’d also take a moment to share some recent content from MoT that I think you’ll both enjoy and learn something from — it’s what we aim to do here at MoT after all! So what’s new? Two new podcasts. Neil Studd caught up with Nicola Lindgren to talk about community content creation, her testing journey and discussing music choices — songs to squat to comes up. The second is a quick 10min chat — Kristof Van Kriekingen talks to Juliette MacPhail about a recent mabl release, including the ability to support testing packaged applications, such as Salesforce, and shadow DOM elements

So that’s it from me this week, Simon should be back with you next week, fully rested and ready for action!

— Áine, MarketingBoss

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