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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 389

Asking Questions and Making Plans

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2022 Testing Trends to Watch
To deliver quality software quickly, we need to adjust our approach to testing by practicing quality engineering. In this recorded webinar, learn about quality engineering and the industry trends shaping our approaches to quality, and how you can prepare to respond to these trends throughout 2022.

I’m back again to bring you the latest news and community thoughts.

As lots of you are getting ready for the start of the academic year for children or extended family, it’s natural to start thinking about your own personal development goals. With that in mind, what are your goals? How are you making them manageable and measurable? Let’s share some ideas and goals over on The Club and make a plan.

Some of you may be interested in becoming an automation engineer, Yulia shares her experience and created a roadmap that you might find useful. Maybe you’d like to improve your exploratory testing skills but unsure of good resources — Simon has gathered 30 tips along with plenty of resources in his article.

I read this post from Joep “Quality: different purposes, different definitions” and it gave me pause for thought. Do you adjust your definition of quality, or even share your definition of quality with the development team so you can get different perspectives? Should it influence how you test?

With the idea of sharing definitions, I wanted to reflect on how we build allies across the business. What do you do? We have some useful and some amusing replies to this Tweet.

One last thing, now that I’ve asked plenty of questions, TestBash UK news. Find out “Why We’re Doing Away with Q&As at TestBash” and what we’re replacing them with — don’t worry, you’ll still get answers to your questions.

— Áine, MarketingBoss

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The Software Tester’s Handbook — A Collaboration with Kristin Jackvony Software quality assurance is not a course in college that you can take. Download this free software-testing-101 ebook to ace your self-taught journey for both hard and soft skills.

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