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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 385

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3 min readAug 2, 2022


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Scale Up Your Test Automation Without Increasing Effort
APIs power the apps, games, web platforms, and microservices that power the world. That’s why testing the backend and frontend are equally important. Dive into API testing and learn how to find and debug issues before customers or hackers discover them.

Recently I’ve found I’ve struggled to focus, I know I’m not alone. Maybe it’s the sunshine? Either way, I had to figure out a way of getting my work done. So I tried co-working online with a friend, sharing our to-do for 25mins, hitting play on the Pomodoro timer and actually getting work done. We took a 5 minute break, checked in and then repeated. It’s the most productive I’ve felt in a while as I ticked off my entire to-do list. My question is what other methods would be useful to give myself external accountability to get the work done? Share your ideas on the Club post I created.

I saw an interesting tweet from Ben Dowen, wishing he’d spent less time writing test cases and reports and more time modelling and collaborating in his early career. When you reflect on your early testing career, is there an aspect you wish you could adjust? There are some interesting replies on that thread.

Team MoT are slowing down for the month of August. As you know we are a small but mighty team, managing to fit a lot into the year. So for August, we slow down, working reduced hours to allow us to rest and make sure we’re all ready for the upcoming events! Please keep this in mind for August, we will be online a lot less. We appreciate your patience.

Do you get involved in peer reviews? Again, something I’ve seen folks chatting about. Some folks maybe don’t know where to start and actually be useful. We have a great workshop from Peet Michielsen. It’s filled with useful actions you can take to improve your knowledge.

Speaking of getting involved — have you spotted that we’re taking submissions for our Test.bash(); challenges? Why not check them out and take a leap and take the challenge?

Last bit of news — we’ve only 40 TestBash UK Early Bird tickets left! It’s brilliant to see you sharing the excitement online, it gives everyone at MoT a boost to know that you’re looking forward to joining us for the talks and workshops — and to seeing the rest of the community in real life! 🎉

Hope you have a great week!

— Áine, MarketingBoss

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Concentrate on finding bugs — not fixing flaky tests
If you could get a tool that collects information from the DOM, builds a model of objects, and applies an ML algorithm to understand if the object has “really” changed, thus obliterating test maintenance, why wouldn’t you? With Virtuoso, you can.

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