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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 384

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Last week was hot!

I’m based in the UK and temperatures broke records.

What else did it break? I do wonder what it meant for some of us who adopted an undesired Heatwave Persona. What impact did it have on our testing efforts with less sleep and cranky levels dialled high? Were systems in place to deal with a sudden change? Some of the community shared their thoughts on a Twitter Space and via this tweet. It includes many helpful reflections and practical ideas. TL;DR Be kind to yourself and others when faced with sudden change.

It’s great to see the community continue to put themselves forward to run micro-events. These are events that spark conversations, encourage learning and help people take action. Trisha Chetani plans to run a Note Takers session on Security Testing. Fellow testing professionals read articles and write notes together in real-time on a collaborative writing tool. It’s a great way to learn together.

There have also been exciting things happening with courses on the MoT Platform. Áine (MarketingBoss) had a good chat with Sarah (LearningBoss) about Hilary Weaver-Robb’s recent updates to her “Automating API Checks With RestSharp” course. “Hilary has spent time updating the course to support Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6, meaning it’s fully up to date. Hilary’s course can help you identify code smells, and understand refactoring among other things. It’s filled with up-to-date practical examples to work through that you can then apply to your own automation set up.”

Plus we’ve completed the eleven task analysis sessions to give us a comprehensive list of everything an Automator does in their job. A huge milestone! This brings us one step closer to Ministry of Testing’s first community-curated curriculum.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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