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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 379

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1–2–1 conversations help you get better at what you do.

And with the testing community, 1–2–1 conversations are one of the many ways you move your career forward.

Last week I had a 1–2–1 chat with Mark Winteringam (OpsBoss) on a Twitter Space. Listen to what Mark had to share about the ever-evolving Automation in Testing curriculum. There’s good reason to get excited by what will become an incredibly powerful and trusted curriculum. One co-created by the community!

I also had a 1–2–1 call with Zenzi Ali, who recently facilitated a 99 Minute Challenge on creating a mind map of questions related to a series of wireframes. What’s clear is how these types of opportunities spark something in the community, not only for participants but for the facilitator too. Zenzi is lovely and you should totally connect with them.

I’m excited to launch the Community Micro-Events Menu. You now have the opportunity to run an exciting set of small events with the community. And get paid to do so. These events foster good conversations and learning. Have a look at what’s on offer and register your interest.

And did I mention it’s TestBash World? I think I’ve mentioned it in previous newsletters. 😉 This is the ultimate celebration of the community coming together to learn and connect. At the time of writing, there are 1,782 people registered. Please tell a friend or colleague if they are yet to register. And, get in early with some of the activities — view the activity handouts. Exciting! 🗺

It was eye-opening and entertaining to read all the replies about Internet Explorer via our Twitter account. Thank you for sharing. Do check out the dilemma of this particular reply. 😬

What 1–2–1 chat could you book with someone in the community this week?

Have a good one.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

This newsletter is kindly supported by Autify
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