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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 378

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3 min readJun 14, 2022


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It’s tricky to summarise something that has many exciting parts to it.

So I won’t try to do that here about TestBash World. All I can say is, go check out the schedule and see what’s possible when you join a 24-hour testing conference for the entire planet! Team MoT have been busy setting up watch parties and all sorts of exciting activities with the community. This conference is free and open to everyone. Please help us spread the word if you’ve already registered. 😃 🎟

Last week saw the community-led automation in testing curriculum continue to take shape. Have a look at the summary of Investigating Failed Automated Tests. What do you think? What might you add?

I also had a good debrief with Claire Reckless who kindly facilitated a 99 Minute Challenge. The small group of testers learnt much from each other. Thanks to Claire for kick-starting the latest batch of challenges. Join two challenges this week with Peet and Zenzi. It’s a good way to learn together with fellow community members.

I’m always excited to see folks who are considering a career in testing. Kraig put themselves out there and asked a set of excellent questions. Given they’re already asking questions, I’ve got a good feeling they’ll do well. Have a look at the replies. What advice could you add?

Áine (MarketingBoss) let me know about Coding Black Females. They’ve recently launched a new 30-week BootCamp to train applicants in Modern Development Practices, Cloud Architecture and Technical Leadership. It sounds like an excellent initiative.

One last thing. If you get the chance, consider celebrating the community. You could always put someone forward for Tester of The Day. Thanks to Ben Dowen for providing such a kind platform.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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