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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 376

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Your value to the testing community is probably more than you think it is.

I had this strong reflection during last week’s TestBash Careers. Plenty of talks focused on value and how we need to demonstrate that at various points in our career journey. Particularly with the talks by Maryam Umar, David Williams and Kiruthika Ganesan.

A common theme emerged about perseverance, patience and promotion (as in, be ok to promote yourself). The recordings for TestBash Careers will be available in the coming weeks for anyone with a Ministry of Testing Pro subscription and those who bought a ticket. I feel the series of talks will be worth revisiting time and time again! And do keep the conversation going. Share your thoughts on these interview questions.

TestBashX Brighton was a different kind of TestBash. So I enjoyed reading Laveena’s experience report. You get a real sense of what it was like to be there. And there is much to discover from previous TestBashes when you use a keyword search on the Ministry of Testing platform. Search for something you’re interested in (search is supported on a desktop browser). I’d love to hear what you discovered and how it helped. Feel free to send me a message or use a social platform to share your thanks with the person who gave the talk.

As well as the big community events, March to May served up a helpful number of small community events. They sparked plenty of useful conversations about testing. Find out what happened and what’s next.

I’m looking forward to the next Note Takers session, for those aspiring to lead. Last time around twelve of us read and wrote notes in real-time. I couldn’t help but smile as all these notes appeared on the screen as we sat in silence. And the group debriefs, where we reviewed the notes and shared thoughts together, were engaging.

You might know that MoT has annual partners that support the community throughout the year. Today, as part of this valuable partnership, you can meet the team behind mabl.

What value might you reflect on and demonstrate this week?

Have a good one.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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