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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 375

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It helps to look forward.

Particularly if you’ve had one of those weeks. And last week it felt like one of those. Such is life sometimes.

So I’m looking forward to TestBash Careers, which is all about recognising your value and looking forward. I like the style of this TestBash because it has a selection of Talks, Book Recommendations, Advice Sessions, an Ask Me Anything and a Panel Discussion. A proper mix of ways to learn and opportunities to connect with fellow testing professionals. See you in the live chat?

I’d like to celebrate those who are putting themselves out there on video. Those who have great public conversations about testing. These people spark ideas and explore concepts. It takes real bravery to do that. People like Lee Marshall and Karen Todd. Check out the latest video from Lee and the latest from Karen.

Such conversations remind me of the recently launched podcast series on co-creating an automation curriculum. Mark Winteringham and Richard Bradshaw spoke with some brilliant community leaders: Peet, Manuel, Gabbi, Erin and Daniel. Interviews with recruiters and automators in an effort to learn more about automation roles. Great to hear from Erin Donnelly about her thoughts on the requirements companies have when recruiting for automation experience.

Do you enjoy a challenge? Turns out six brilliant community members do as they’ve signed up to facilitate another round of 99 Minute Challenges. Each challenge aims to help you develop testing skills that will benefit your day-to-day life. I share details on this news item.

A while back I set up the Belong-O-Meter to gain a better understanding of the Ministry of Testing community. And last week I published the first round of discoveries, reflections and next steps. I look forward to more 1–2–1 chats and co-creating some of the ideas we’ve come up with together.

One last thing, TestBash World is fast approaching. I enjoyed Diana’s recent update on the speakers and hosts. Excited to see how folks make the most of the watch parties!

What are you looking forward to?

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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