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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 374

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TimeShiftX — The Time Travel Software
TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code or system clock changes and removing all pain points.

Trying something new is nerve-racking and exciting.

You might try using a new tool or methodology. Or perhaps have a difficult conversation for the first time. And maybe you will attend an unfamiliar testing event. There’s a thrill and anxiety to that.

I’ve recently been tasked with setting up six new 99 Minute Challenges. They are different from 99 Minute Workshops, where participants are taught something related to testing. Challenges are facilitated by a community member and their role is to encourage and support participants to achieve a specific goal. Look at the MoT events page to see what challenges you could sign up for. What might you take on? 👀

Trying something new can lead to failure, like one of my recent experiments to offer an online and welcoming space for TestBashX Brighton attendees to reconnect. Last week was the first week and no one turned up — on both occasions 🙁. I should get better at reminding people and look to form a small group interest first. All this is helpful in learning about how the Ministry of Testing community can better serve each other.

Diana (EventBoss) announced the lineup for TestBash UK. Word on the (Coronation) street is that the super early bird tickets are running low. 😮 Plus Mark (OpsBoss) introduced the concept of Watch Parties for TestBash World. What I like about this is the opportunity for folks to champion their local meetup and for companies to provide a space for their teams to take part as one. What a great way to provide a genuine learning & development opportunity. And still, for those who prefer to join by themselves, TestBash World offers a space for them too. It’s free and open to all and this continues to make my head spin. 🙃

🎧 I was fortunate to co-host a Twitter Space on Regression Testing with the brilliant Jo Richards. Lots to learn from this session such as how to keep regression testing fresh (26 mins) and how to manage team expectations when it comes to regression coverage (40 mins). If only my phone had a nod detection feature so it could auto-like everything Jo shared. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from Jo.

What new thing might you try this week?

Have a good one.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

This newsletter is kindly supported by PractiTest
Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left
There is often a misconception that testing for accessibility is difficult and time consuming. In PractiTest’s upcoming guest webinar Marie Drake debunks some of the myths around accessibility testing, and shares how to shift accessibility testing to the left while integrating it in your development and testing workflows.

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