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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 371

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3 min readApr 26, 2022


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It’s a privilege when someone asks you for help.

Why did they ask you? What is it they believe that gives them confidence you can help? And how do you help them?

Last week I was fortunate to help parts of the testing community. Mostly by providing encouragement and pointing people in useful directions. Plus I’ve talked through abstract ideas and reviewed an excellent blog post about TestBash X Brighton.

I celebrated Diana Dromey, EventBoss at Ministry of Testing. They designed, organised and supported TestBash Mobile. It takes serious effort and focus to deliver an event like TestBash. And such an event sparks many community conversations. Share your thanks via this tweet and look out for the talk recordings coming soon. Keep the conversation going via these Club posts.

Another way to encourage helpful conversations is via a meetup. I enjoyed Mirza Sisic’s recent article: Organizing Your Very Own Testing Meetup. The advice is top-notch! Have you considered starting one? It isn’t as overwhelming as you might think.

Last week I also set things up for the first-ever Note Takers! It’s a group note-taking session where fellow testing professionals read articles and write notes together in real-time on a collaborative writing tool. This week’s session is about Exploratory Testing and I’m excited to see what happens.

Are you aware that there is a group of people on the Ministry of Testing Slack who help with moderation? They ensure the space is a safe place to chat and share. I was fortunate to chat with a couple of them on a call. Huge kudos to the Slack Mods, who volunteer their time.

One last thing, do check out the events below. There are always new events popping up in the community.

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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