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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 368

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In-person conversations are special.

These are spontaneous conversations that would never happen online. And most communities like Ministry of Testing don’t have the opportunity for such conversations right now. Yet last week we did! TestBash X Brighton was the enabler. Get a sense of what happened via those who kindly shared their experience on Twitter.

It was overwhelming and jam-packed with a day and evening of conversations, connections and stories. I met Louise Hirst for the first time. She’s amazing. Three years ago she joined a Software Testing Clinic to learn about heuristics. And there she was at TestBash running the Heuristics Challenge stand. Plus she gave her first and excellent 99-second talk. Got a good feeling we’ll hear more from Louise. 😀

Lots of ideas pop into your head when you’re observing a community event unfold. And backstage Richard Bradshaw and I explored the concept of running a “How it started. How it’s going” online session in about three months. Invite attendees to re-connect with each other, reflect on how they applied their learnings and share challenges to seek answers. Keep an eye out for that one. Plus let me know if you’d like to write or record a video about your experience. This is something we support and encourage.

TestBash is community belonging at its best. Out of interest, which sense of belonging do you most identify with the Ministry of Testing community? Share via the Belong-O-Meter. I’d love to talk to you about your answer.

While an in-person conference can take your focus away from everything online, there’s still plenty happening. Like Peet sharing his feedback to all those who have put themselves forward for talks and Leigh who answered so many questions about leadership — this is a must-listen. Nicola also kicked off Bloggers Club for April if you’d like to write about how you reduce scope.

Our Annual Partners continue to support the testing community. Vernon led a helpful ask me anything with Sergio from Xray and Daniel from mabl shares how to build and scale a functional test automation strategy.

Have a good week. If you get the chance soon, cherish the opportunity to meet the community in person. Those opportunities are the catalyst to keep conversations going across all the places, and to move the software testing craft forward.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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