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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 367

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4 min readMar 29, 2022


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You have a story to share.

Your stories move the software testing craft forward. Even if you think it’s been said before there are plenty of reasons to write it all down (check out 10 reasons from Patricia).

What you write can turn into posts on The Club, chats on the Ministry of Testing (MoT) Slack, questions on Twitter, a talk at a meetup or TestBash, an article or lesson on the MoT Platform and more! Writing doesn’t necessarily mean a written format, it could be a diagram, video or audio-only. 🤔

📺 I had an excellent chat with Karen Todd. We discussed the importance of software testing advocacy and how it helps us reflect and improve our craft. One such advocate is Lisa Crispin. I enjoyed Lisa’s recent post on quickly strategising risk. What I love about the approach is the avoidance of compound debt interest thanks to 30 minutes of excellent structure/facilitation. Imagine the extra time effort of the back/forth, misunderstandings, re-meetings etc if a session like that hadn’t been run.

And what if you had one hour to test a feature? The responses are super helpful, both on The Club and Twitter. There’s also been a wave of replies and new blog posts exploring the underrated skills of testing. Excellent posts from Lee Marshall, Mike Harris, Mirza Sisec, Louise Gibbs and Ashley Graf. Plus, several of us explored WIP limits, bugs in Agile, team friction and more during this recent TestYak Twitter Space. 🎧

TestBashX Brighton is this week. I can’t quite believe I’m going to an in-person event! If I’m honest, I might freak out and find it difficult to speak with people 😅. And it’s my first time attending an in-person Ministry of Testing event as an employee. I’ll be sure to step up and represent. It’ll be lovely to see some of the team, many community folks and meet people I’ve never met before. I imagine it’ll be a total learn-fest for us all. Learning about many important software testing topics and learning (again) how to be present at an in-person event. Exciting!

There’s still a bit of time left to review some TestBash abstracts. I like that you get to share your feedback and learn something by reading what others are keen to talk about. It feels good.

I’m very fortunate to work for a company like Ministry of Testing. Richard’s recent update is very much worth a read — MoT made a profit! It’s just another excellent story of how the MoT community and the business of MoT can work in balance.

What story might you share today?

Have a good week.

— Simon, CommunityBoss

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