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Simon is still off, so I’ve (Áine) stepped back into the role of putting your weekly newsletter together.

We’ve had a bit of a busy week with rather wonderful events. Our first TestBash of the year happened — TestBash Leadership! We had over 300 people join us throughout the event, with a wealth of aspects of Leadership covered. The recorded talks will be live soon, but if you’d like to join the discussions over on The Club in the meantime, you can also find some of the resources the community shared on the Miro board. Did you have a particular talk that spoke to you? I found Eva’s talk incredibly honest and informative.

It was great to attend our Town Hall this week and hear Diana explain more about the new TestBashX format, and how it’s focused on connecting and learning with other attendees. Then Andrew and Richard shared more about Spaces with the wider community and how our platform will be evolving to support the current shape of the community and business. I’m glad it’s public now as Richard has been going on about Spaces for ages and every morning standup Andrew’s update is all about Spaces! It’s fair to say, it’s very exciting! If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, you can watch it for yourself over on YouTube.

We have a new podcast series! Kristof is joined by Heather Vercillo at TestRail where they discuss TestRail’s 2021 annual survey and the future of testing. It’s a short 10 minute podcast series to give you snapshot look at what’s happening with each of our Annual Partners.

I’ve considered the definition of “Done” but I’ve never spent much time considering the definition of “Ready”. I enjoyed reading Lina Zubyte’s post all about it. Worth reading. This post from Chris Kenst is also a good read, it focuses on writing your own Exploratory Testing Charters — sometimes we just need permission to adjust things to make them work for us.

Our Big Call For Papers has now closed 🎉 So what now? Help us decide who should speak by reviewing the submissions — this is a brilliant opportunity to select the talk lineup you want to see. So take a few minutes and review some submissions.

We’ve also a new TestSphere Roulette podcast, Simon was joined by Beth Marshall and Mark Winteringham. The wheel threw out some really interesting topics for conversation: Anger — Feelings, Ikea-Effect — Biases, Patterns and Risk Analysis — Techniques.

- Áine, MarketingBoss

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