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Your Weekly Testing News — Issue 363

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Welcome to a different look Ministry of Testing newsletter. Let me know what you think.

There are many people to celebrate of late. It’s been good to hear an excited Mark Winteringham (OpsBoss) as he explores TestBash abstract ideas with the community. Ideas from Beth Marshall, Lee Marshall, Ady Stokes, Amy Hoad and Rich were shared. Perhaps you might want to encourage them with a tweet or private message that doesn’t put on too much pressure. Such is the nature of encouragement, it can be tricky to find a considerate way to do it. Something like, “Your abstract ideas are interesting and I’d welcome hearing a talk like that.”

Do keep the abstract ideas coming via the #call-for-papers channel in the MoT Slack. There is a whole load of people out there willing to support you on your speaking adventures.

I had an insightful chat with Eva Podbrdská on this Twitter Space. Eva shared how her autism makes her a better tester. I learned so much in the process, such as how to make the work environment better for autistic folks and how we could stop the stigmas and stereotypes associated with autism. I’m very glad Eva is speaking at TestBash Leadership.

I’d like to call out Vernon Richards. His gargantuan writing efforts have created a treasure trove of useful knowledge. I’d go so far as to say his words will benefit all testing professionals. Yep, I just said “all” and I’m happy to discuss such a bold claim with you. Check out his daily posts archive. 📖

And Diana (EventBoss) had this to share about Jim Holmes. “Jim should be awarded a Speaker Hero Badge of some sort, for being the first one to upload his talk recording for TestBash Leadership, spot on 15minutes, which is what was asked of him and for telling me from the start that he would like to donate his speaker fee to our Scholarship Fund — What a gem!”. A true community leader. Thank you, Jim.

This week I also spoke with Pricilla Bilavendran. An excellent human! Pricilla does a lot of work for the community of Mum’s who face discrimination when looking for new roles. She’s proud of how she’s helped many Mum’s gain confidence getting back into work. 🙇

Richard Bradshaw (BossBoss) shared his vision for Ministry of Testing Spaces with Team MoT. Turns out it’s a way for the community to shape their own Ministry of Testing! 😃 It’s impressive and has the potential to do many helpful things for people who want to hang out and share what matters to them. Keep your eyes and ears out for news on MoT Spaces soon enough. 👀

Outside of this newsletter, if ever you’re curious about what’s been going on with the Ministry of Testing community, check out the community timeline and visit the news page. Plus, there’s always the ever-growing catalogue of people who share their advice and experiences on the Ministry of Testing platform. Try a keyword search and see who you might discover. How about dropping them a message to say thanks?

Enjoy your week.
– Simon, CommunityBoss

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