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What’s a Good Recipe for a Great Software Tester?

Four days in and 30 Days of Tools has already created a big box of useful learnings to explore:

You might feel pressure to actively do and share everything like those on The Club, yet you absolutely don’t have to. Make it work for you and your approach.

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

Ask Mirza anything about testing tools this Tuesday 5th October at 8pm UK time. Register and then save your spot on Crowdcast. Tip: Even if you can’t attend, still register and add your question — it’ll help the community and you can catch the answer on the recording later.

We’re always looking for the community to join a Discussion, speak at an Ask Me Anything, run a Masterclass or write an article. And this time anything goes! How about sharing your experience? Inspire yourself to inspire others.

What if you had one place to quickly discover a tool that could help you on your testing adventures? What if you could add missing tools to help your fellow community members? Introducing the Ministry of Testing Tools Directory. Go explore, add to and discover a new tool today. 🧰

Join Jesper this Wednesday 6th October at 6pm UK time to Create Test Strategies Based On Business Needs. Visualize your system landscape, understand trends and patterns, and more!

How do you prioritise API tests? Join the conversation with Maksim, Ola, and Kristof.

The best software testers are one part Godzilla 🦍two parts Sherlock Holmes 🕵️‍♂️
a dash of Barry Sanders ⚽️ and a healthy helping of Ernest Hemingway ✍️. Let Garry L. Hahn tell you why in their article, A Recipe For A Great Software Tester.

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NEW: Testers’ Island Discs podcast: Chris Armstrong and Neil Studd discuss career progression, how to make opportunities open up for ourselves, and nerd out about the awesome support the testing community is always willing to offer up. ❤️

Test.bash(); is our exciting event at the end of #30DaysOfTools. It takes a brilliant team behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. Can you volunteer some of your time to help support the event? Details are available on this thread.

NEW: Bloggers Club Challenge — How We Hacked a Tool to Make It Work for Us. Can you use October to reflect on the tool hacks you have in place or try something new? Write a blog post about it and inspire the community.

TOP TIP: Stuck on any topic related to testing? You can search our content or perform a keyword search on The Club. Rediscover and reignite great conversations. There’s a treasure trove of helpful information out there! 👑

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So You Think You’re Ready for Selenium 4?

During this webinar, Sauce experts and Selenium team members will discuss the changes for Selenium 4 and how they will benefit your existing tests. They will discuss the new features and key advantages of Selenium 4, followed by a Q&A.

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Discover Useful Business Posts

It’s important to know that the applications we are testing don’t have any unexpected failures when used with slower connectivity. There are ways to simulate the slow Internet connection you need to execute your tests.

Seven browser tricks to speed up your testing and add value, perhaps value no one expected, with just a few clicks of the mouse. 🙌

Combined manual and automated testing can help teams achieve specific test goals along a powerful DevOps pipeline. Find the right balance between manual and automated tests.

🤔 Do you feel you are wasting time fixing broken tests from complex and expensive automation processes? Xray and Functionize can help you with self-healing tests.

Get Closer to the Community

Stu asks, is it possible to improve the impact of our testing by simplifying it? Find out in his excellent detailed article that examines the many facets of how we explore. 🔍

Here are six things a facilitator can do to improve an ensembling session. Maaret shares excellent advice for anyone enjoying the benefits of ensemble testing.

Listen to Callum Akehurst-Ryan share reasons why it’s important to speak up at meetings and some of the blockers that stop us from doing so. 🎧

How do you modularize an internal flutter app and why should you do that? Satyajit is on hand to help. 📱

Good stuff for software testers.