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What Tools Shall I Learn?

“Having knowledge of a set of tools is less important than knowing when and where to use the right tool.”

A useful reminder from Mark Winteringham in his excellent article on what tools to learn. What tools are you planning to learn about soon? Tweet @ministryoftest or feel free to let us know via

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

✉️ Every day in October we’ll post a new challenge to help you on your journey to discover new tools and to revisit existing tools in creative ways. To ensure you don’t miss out, head on over to the 30 Days of Tools topic page and select the “Subscribe to Topic” button to receive a daily challenge in your inbox from 1st October.

New article: Data migration projects can be unpredictable. Giselle Todd and Tamoya Beckford have 5 things that will help you conquer your database migration project.

👕 Check out Philip’s brilliant t-shirt as we celebrate his Club Ninja of the Month. Does it work on your machine? Plus, read Melissa and Mukta’s blog posts as part of this month’s Bloggers Club Challenge: Team Activities to Better Understand Your Customers and Team. There’s still time to join, how about it?

👉 Join Thomas Shipley for our next Masterclass on Tuesday 21st at 8pm UK time. Understand what type of strategy style is best for a project and how you can get your team involved.

Last week saw a number of wins in the community. Go celebrate their achievements and consider adding yours too! 🏆

Discover how you can have a full automation framework in less than 100 minutes. Register for Ioan Solderea’s workshop: Get Started With Serenity BDD.

TOP TIP: Stuck on any topic related to testing? You can search our content or perform a keyword search on The Club. Rediscover and reignite great conversations. There’s a treasure trove of helpful information out there! 👑

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99 Minute Workshops in September

Discover Useful Business Posts

The thought of writing automation might be a bit overwhelming, thankfully you can write your tests in increments — it might be the best option!

When you put more thought into the tests you design, it makes each of them more valuable. Get some tips from Nishi to improve how you plan your tests.

Is it time for you to take the leap to leadership? How should you be preparing and what should you be aware of? Get some ideas from Bridget and start your leadership journey.

Get Closer to the Community

There are many things to consider when deciding on your approach for visual testing. Marie Drake has got it covered in her excellent post on What To Consider When Doing Visual Testing.
Tags: Visual testing, Tools, Pipelines, Test Strategy

Find out how Aaron Flynn connects risks with implementing change in his latest blog post. It includes a simple yet powerful syntax for establishing context before considering large changes.
Tags: Change Management, Processes, Risks

How do you use environment variables to your advantage? How simple is it to vary the configuration of the application when running certain scenarios? Ben Dowen shares how in this 9-minute Racket. 🎧
Tags: API Testing, Environment variables, Tools, Infrastructure-As-Code

Melissa Fisher shares a number of team activities you can use to better understand your customers and team. How about trying them with your team?
Tags: Team improvements, Problem solving, Empathy, Design Thinking, Personas

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