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What Does “Good Software Tester” Mean To You?


At this time of year, “How’s your week been so far?” might be more appropriate than “How are you?”. If you need support over the holiday season, please reach out! The community has put together an excellent set of options to help.

Enjoy a break from work if that’s something you can do at this time of year. Team Ministry of Testing ramps down for the holiday season and your weekly newsletter shall return on Monday 10th January.

See you in 2022!

- Simon, CommunityBoss

What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

🥅 Four of the MoTBosses describe Ministry of Testing’s Vision and Goals for 2022. Thank you to those who were able to join in real-time. We very much enjoyed exploring your many ideas. If you have further thoughts, ideas or feedback please don’t hesitate to let us know via 2022 is already shaping up to be super exciting for the community!

It’s always a good time to celebrate the Ministry of Testing Slack Moderators and this podcast is a brilliant opportunity to do so. Hear how the Mods keep the Slack a safe space to chat, connect, share and just be. Learn about some of the challenges they face plus find out what the Mods celebrate about the community.

🪞 Is now a good time for some reflection? What’s your win for 2021? And what are your hopes for 2022?
🏆 Celebrate this awesome community and the people in it. Find out who is Club Ninja of the Year for 2021.
👂 Share the soft/essential/core/fundamental skills testers should continue to improve.
🤔 What does “good software tester” mean to you? Join the conversation.

The first time I tried exploratory testing I realised it was the thing I had to learn to move my testing career forwards. I was hooked! In my experience, exploratory testing is the key to continuous learning, better products, and closer collaboration with your team. Check out this really useful list for all of your exploratory testing needs, in the final installment of the Exploring Exploratory Testing series.

2021 was a huge challenge for technology teams, which were forced to adapt quickly and accelerate digital transformation projects in the face of these so-called “unprecedented times”. However, the “new normal” isn’t so new anymore, so what have we learned? Neil Studd shares his thoughts. 🎥

And if you have some time away from work and would like to continue learning, feel free to explore the entire Ministry of Testing Learn Platform. There’s much to be discovered with a simple keyword search or by browsing around. 👀

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Get Closer to the Community

How testable is this context for me? How testable is this context for everybody? Use Ash’s Testability Advocacy Canvas to frame your own thoughts and/or build together. It’ll help you develop an advocacy approach for testability.

There are a number of qualities that make up a good test automation framework and these allow your tests to scale as your team grows. Learn from Marie’s excellent post.

Beth continues to share incredibly helpful tips and examples in her Postman Flows series. In her latest post, learn how to pass variables between requests, loop data, take inputs from multiple sources, and more! Thank you Beth for continuing to help the community.




Good stuff for software testers.

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Ministry of Testing

Ministry of Testing

Good stuff for software testers.

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