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What Do You Need from SDETs and Automators?


Congratulations on joining 2022 — it’s nice to be here! Ministry of Testing has all sorts of exciting ambitions, plans and goals for this year and we look forward to all the incredible co-creation opportunities we have with you. Start here, seek inspiration, dig into learning and connect with those in the community.

Have a great day!
- Simon, CommunityBoss

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

The team have started to craft the new 99 Minute Challenges. They’re gonna be super exciting and fun too! Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham will run the first sessions. Look out for an announcement later this week.

Fancy listening to or speaking at a voice-only chat on Twitter? Ministry of Testing’s first-ever Twitter Spaces is coming soon. Get involved in the conversation with Heather and Simon. Keep an eye out on Twitter for a date, time and topic.

🗓 Are you a manager or a recruiter? Help us build a curriculum for SDETs and beyond. Mark and Richard invite you to share what do you need from SDETs and automators on Tuesday 11th at 1pm GMT and what are you being asked to look for in an SDET or automaton on Thursday 13th at 1pm GMT.

Learn how cognitive biases hinder our abilities as testers and engineers and how we can manage them. Join João and Michael this Wednesday 12th at 6pm GMT.

Can you help the community? MIrza would like to create a career roadmap for a junior tester who is very interested in coding. Chris would like to get into Security Testing yet doesn’t know where to start. And Tania would like to know what dashboards do you use on your project?

Heather asks, what are your hopes for 2022? If you’re in need of some inspiration please do check out and support your fellow community members with their ambitions.

Let’s celebrate the return of our EventsBoss, welcome back Diana! And check out what she’s set up already for the rest of this year. A whole load of online TestBashes! 👀😮 Time to add each one to your calendar: Leadership, Mobile, Careers, Security and Core Skills.

Register for these 99 Minute Workshops

Discover Useful Business Posts

We have tools now to identify whether the code is behaving properly via continuous testing. We can utilize feedback loops, production error monitoring, and build environments. Read and watch how testing does not stop after code is pushed into production.

mabl reflect on 2021 and hint at what’s in store for 2022. Review their key milestones and how it supports the quality engineering practice.

Transitioning to DevOps is not easy, even if you’re already agile. Teams will face many bottlenecks during the process. Raj shares five effective steps to align testing with DevOps.

Get Closer to the Community

This idea to help track the cadence of praise and feedback from Angela is excellent. A simple yet super effective approach.

Elisabeth Hendrickson revisits her book Explore It! in this must watch video. Discover the who, what, when, why, and how of exploratory testing. 🧭

Need some sites to practice your test automation skills? Head on over to Pandy’s helpful list.

Bugs you can’t easily recreate can be a right pain. Thankfully, Nicola has some excellent tips on how to deal with intermittent bugs. 🪳



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