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What Are the Many Facets of a Quality Coaching Role?

Hi there,

So cool to see some of you folks at HolidayBash. It was great fun! I lost count of how many times I smiled and laughed out loud on mute. Thank you to everyone who turned up, tuned in, and let loose in a way that worked for you and your fellow community. It reminds me that every Pro membership keeps this community moving forward which allows us to do much more for the entire community.

- Simon, CommunityBoss

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5 Ways to Time Travel Test [Whitepaper]

Temporal testing is critical for date sensitive business rules such as insurance rates, billing, and enrollment. Efficient time travel testing can increase your test coverage, accelerate development, and improve software quality. Read our whitepaper to learn the 5 ways to time travel software!

What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

We’ve added two new articles to the Exploring Exploratory Testing series. Discover how you might frame exploratory testing as an alternative to scripted testing and “try to break it” testing. Plus, Callum shares why debriefing is the key to successful exploratory testing.

Want to know what Ministry of Testing’s vision is for 2022? Join this MoT Townhall discussion to find out from Richard, Andrew, Mark, and Simon. Ask questions, help us co-create the community, and move the testing craft forward with your ideas.

Celebrate and reflect:
🤔 Read one of these amazing poems, haiku, or songs
🤔 Scan through this learning pathway to help set your career goals for 2022
🤔 What is your favourite type of testing? Might you go deeper with your favourite or consider other types of testing to add to your skillset

LearningBoss Sarah and CommunityBoss Heather recently returned to MoT from maternity leave. It’s so good to see them again! 🎉

Kristof talks to Anand Bagmar in our latest podcast 📻. They talk about how Anand stays motivated after 20 years in testing and how to reduce using locators by 91% with Applitools. 🤯

This newsletter is kindly supported by Xray

Xray — Native Test Management

Xray embeds the quality management process into the development workflow. With Native Quality Management, all QA tools, tests and processes are infused into the development environments you already work with, like Jira. So Quality and Development teams speak the same language, stay on the same page, and release consistently quality software — together.

Join Online Events

If you’re interested in finding out about future meetups, whether online or in person, check out the many Ministry of Testing Meetups or keep an eye on the Slack Events channel.

Discover Useful Business Posts

35 rather challenging interview questions for testers curated by Hannah plus some tips for how to approach interviews. 🧾

It can be hard to know when your automation needs updating — especially before something goes wrong. Corina has shared ideas that could help.

Testing APIs is every bit important as testing the UI. Find out how you could approach UI and API testing.

⚒️ Starting with any new work application can be an intimidating process: there’s pressure to demonstrate ROI, help your team onboard quickly, and create new workflows that maximize results. Set your mabl workspace up for success.

Get Closer to the Community

  1. Check out this excellent mind map from Anne-Marie. It describes the many facets of a Quality Coaching Role. 🗺
  2. Callum describes how exploratory testing means setting your own scope. 🎧
  3. Have you read any of these books on software testing? Matt shares an excellent list of the books he finds useful. 📚




Good stuff for software testers.

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Ministry of Testing

Good stuff for software testers.

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