Weekly News: When Testers Deal With Process Debt

BDD is the opportunity to make great impacts on your product. Focus the conversation between the team members on the benefits of your feature and drive your development more efficiently. Read article | Check Out HipTest

When Testers Deal with Process Debt

Technical debt is anything related to the software under development, whether directly or indirectly, which is no longer useful to the development process or the maintenance of the application being developed. Read…and share!

TestBash Brighton — Early Bird Ending soon!

Are you planning on coming to TestBash Brighton? Courses, workshops and conference, mixed in with all the social gatherings. Learn something new, spark ideas and find your testing tribe Book to avoid sad faces!

Call for Papers — Speak at TestBash Germany

Do you have stories and ideas you want to share with us or the solution of a tricky problem you solved? We want talks that are highly creative, fun, but still focus on learning. We will be reviewing TestBash Germany submissions until 14th February 2017 — this means if you submit before this date then your submission will be considered for Germany. Find out more here.

30 Days of Security Testing

Not long now until the challenge kicks off! Why no join in this February. Meet some great people and pick up a few new skills, or dust off the ones you have. Learn and share the 30 Days of Security Testing together.

How to Train a New Software Tester — Claire Reckless

We’ve all been new in a testing role at some point. You might remember starting out as a tester and whether you received any training at the time. Did it help to set you on the right path in your testing career? Were you thrown in at the deep end, given no training at all, and expected just to get on with it? This great article is available on The Dojo

Testing Blogs

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Testing Chatter

We go hunting to see what testers are talking about, so you don’t have to!



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