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Tips to Improve Collaboration Between Testers and Developers

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Testing value first before correctness

Many companies adopt Agile and DevOps to shorten their time-to-market. Developing the right feature, from idea to production is key to get quick feedback. In this webinar, you’ll learn tips to create better software faster by testing value first with BDD and analytics. Register now!

Masterclass — Tips to Improve Collaboration Between Testers and Developers

Throughout the evolution of software development, testers have struggled to be treated as equals and developers have lacked the understanding of why they should care. Yet some teams do it well. In this talk, Maaret and Franziska share some practical tips on how to improve this in your team. Register now for the Masterclass on Tuesday 5th December at 8pm UK time.

TestBash Manchester 2017 Videos

TestBash Manchester 2017 — our annual TestBash t’up north was hosted at The Lowery on 27th October 2017. We hosted 200 software testers from across the globe, had 10 great talks, lots of awesome 99 second talks and plenty of socials! We record all our TestBash talks and make them available on The Dojo. Some are free to watch and others require Pro Membership… get stuck in!

TestBash Netherlands 2018

TestBash is returning to the Netherlands for the second year! It’s happening on the 12th-13th April 2018. We think it’s going to be even more awesome than last time. It’s a 2-day event with an additional pre-event course thrown in for good measure. The pre-Testbash course is ‘Advanced Automation for Agile: UI, Web Services, and BDD’ with the brilliant Angie Jones on Wednesday 11th April.

Testers’ Island Discs Ep 4 with Rich Rogers

This week we’re joined from Australia by Rich Rogers, to talk about the ever-evolving definitions of quality that we utilise when building software. We chat about customer experience, having empathy for users, and Rich’s recent book “Changing Times”, and the Three Dimensions of Quality model that it proposes.

European Testing Conference

Early bird tickets are still available! With your ticket, you get 4 keynotes of awesomeness, 5 workshops you can choose two from, 3 demo talks, 11 talks and 3 discussion sessions. Access to the program built with a personal touch: organizers pair-interviewed all 120 proposal submitters to choose the absolute best representation of how we raise the bar in testing, in practice!

The Club

We’ve picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with.

Let’s talk about figuring out risks!

Okay, so, favourite methods, stories, experiments (failed and successful) on gathering risks from various parts of a team?

GitHub Resources For Testers / Testing

I keep seeing Danny Dainton tweet about his Postman resources on GitHub. It made me wonder what other useful tester/testing types resources are out there. Anything else out there worth knowing about?

Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

Hopes, Dreams, Goals: Thoughts About & From TestBash USA — Testing & Movies & Stuff

Mel shares her experience from attending various TestBashes and the testing community. “The community itself cultivates a diverse group of people, from all over the world, and tries really hard to be a supportive voice for those that are not often supported in the industry.”

Why I Hate Story Points — Thoughts On Testing

Story points, everybody’s favorite scrum activity. I understand they are meant to be used to help size stories. What usually happens is they are used to determine a team’s velocity. Read more of Darryn’s post.

Testing Blogs

Want to get featured here? Submit your blog to our Testing Feeds!

Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups — and our MoT Slack. This is what they’ve been sharing.



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