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The Return of The UnExpo

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TestBash Manchester: TestBash Of The North
The North remembers what an absolute belter TestBash Manchester and Test.bash(); 2018 was, so we are coming back! From the 30th September until the 5th October expect a week of training, workshops, learning, discussions and awesome community building! Sign up to the launch list or submit a talk!

Top Ten TestBash Talks 2018 — As Chosen By The Bosses
We heard a total of 81 talks at TestBash events this year, some of which were from new speakers, some from those who are tester famous, all of which were awesome. Despite the collective awesomeness, the MoT bosses have put their heads together and would like to share their chosen top ten TestBash talks of 2018.

The Return of The UnExpo — Call For Stands
The UnExpo, our attendee-driven expo, is back at TestBash Brighton on Friday 5th April 2019! We want you to get involved and connect with the community by designing and running a stand. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to TestBash or have been there from the very beginning, anyone can run a stand at the UnExpo; we all have something to share and much to learn from one another.

CommunityBoss & Remote Work Follow Up by Heather Reid
Simon Knight wrote a blog post recently about remote working and effective ways to work as a remote worker. This blog post was in response to one from Lisa Crispin about the need for feedback. Having read both and Medium kindly reminding me of my read stats on here, I realised I haven’t written a blog post about remote working and what it’s like being a CommunityBoss.

Netherlands Super Early Bird tickets end soon
It’s our third year returning to the Netherlands. It’s better than ever, we have 3 days of Automation in Testing training, full-day workshops — some of which have already sold out of Super Early Bird tickets. Then we’ve the conference day itself! Discover new aspects of testing and make your job even more fascinating.

A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Testing by Daniel Knott
Daniel Knott is bringing his new course to the Ministry of Testing Dojo. This course will provide you with all the foundation knowledge needed to get started with mobile testing.

How My Testers Help Me by Isle of Testing
My first insight I wish to explore is how I, as a PO, am dependent on testers: My in-team tester, our automation specialist and the separate team of testers.

Instead of shifting testing to the left — move it there completely! by John Andrews
A lot of articles and discussions are happening with regards to shifting testing to the left. The ability to get testing involved from the onset is a great thing. While I wholeheartedly agree with this approach, I’m also of the mindset that this is where testing should reside full-time, and that in most cases, they do not need to be involved on the ‘right side’ of the board.

Collaborating on open source by Marit van Dijk
Using open source projects has become increasingly popular. The number of companies using open source is growing. Unfortunately, the number of people building and maintaining it is not growing quite as fast.


9 Tips on Website Localization Testing by Michael Ruttenberg
Okay so you’ve been given a large website that will roll out in, say, 85 countries and countless languages, sometimes more than one per country. Sure, many of these will be in your native language, but no, you won’t be able to speak or understand most of the languages. Some of them you won’t even be able to read as they’re in completely different scripts.

Using PyUnit For Testing A Selenium Python Test Suite by Harshit Paul
Selenium as we know, is an open-source test suite used for cross-platform browser automation. Today we are going to take a peek into one such testing framework, named PyUnit which specific to run Selenium with Python.


Episode 7: Kristen Brillantes — A Woman Who Inspires Other Entrepreneurial Womenby Women Who Change Tech
In this episode, Alison Wade and Jessie Shternshus chat with Kristen Brillantes, a woman who is a go-getter who inspires other entrepreneurial women. You can find Kristen in front of the room facilitating workshops or behind the scenes coaching and collaborating with executives and teams to evolve the way they work.

Episode 400 — Tools, Tips and Tricks — SecTools.Org — 125 Security Tools by Security in Five
This week’s TTT episode talks about a website that has the collection of 125 of the top network security tools availaible. Start your education and search for new tools here. This is a fantastic starting point to create your own list of your favorite tools.

235: OpenTest Automation Framework with Adrian Theodorescu by Joe Colantonio
Are you hungry to learn more about an open-source framework? In this episode Adrian Theodorescua, a developer-turned-tester with over 17 years of experience shares his experiences with helping to create OpenTest.

077 How SambaSafety Successfully Migrated to the Cloud by PurePerformance
Migrating from your data center to the cloud is no easy task. In this episode, Patrick Kemble, CTO at SambaSafety, shares their journey from lift & shift to AWS to re-architecting their applications using Cloud Foundry. Along the way, of course, they discovered many important aspects of monitoring.

59: Genesynth, nox, urllib3, & PyCascades — Thea Flowers by Test & Code
Thea Flowers is a Pythonista and open source advocate. She helps empower developers of all backgrounds and experience levels using Python and open source software and hardware.

Episode 403 — Blur Password Manager Had A Breach, The Reason Will Make You Facepalm by Security in Five
Another day, another breach. This time it’s Blur Password Manager bu Abine. Only this was a breach of their own making. This episode goes through how this breach happened and how you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.



The Automation Test Wheel in Practice by Kristin Jackvony
Last week’s blog post, “Rethinking the Pyramid: The Automation Test Wheel”, sparked many interesting discussions on LinkedIn, Twitter, and in the comments section of this blog! The general consensus was that the Test Pyramid is still useful because it reminds us that tests closest to the code are the fastest and most reliable to run, and that the Automation Test Wheel reminds us to make sure to include categories such as security, accessibility, and performance testing.

Debugging Selenium Test how to leave the browser open by Maciej Wyrodek
When I am writing Selenium Test I like to let them run until they fail and then leave the browser opened on the place where their failed. IT helps especially when the problem is poorly selected locator (Which is a common issue when writing UI tests).


Undiscovered Software Bug In Singapore Airline’s KrisFlyer System Caused Cross-Customer Data Leakage by Kevin Jones
KrisFlyer, the frequent flyer program of Singapore Airlines is facing a critical software bug that caused 285 of its members to have their personal information exposed to other KrisFlyer members.

OWASP Internet of Things (IoT) Project
The OWASP IoT Project for 2018 has just been released!

Phishing NG. Bypassing 2FA with Modlishka by Piotr Duszyński
This blog post is an introduction to the reverse proxy “Modlishka” tool, that I have just released. I hope that this software will reinforce the fact that social engineering is a serious threat, and cannot be treated lightly.

You can’t delete Facebook from some Androids and people aren’t happy by Danny Bradbury
The #DeleteFacebook movement may be growing, but many Samsung users are having a tough time scraping the social network’s preinstalled software from their phones.


Best browser add-ons for Testing part. 2 by Gustavo Rivera
It has been a while since I wrote my first post “Best browser add-ons for web testing”, in fact it’s been a while since I wrote anything at all. But since last time, I’ve found some other useful tools that I want to share now.

Record and replay the web
rrweb is an open source web session replay library, which provides easy-to-use APIs to record user’s interactions and replay it remotely.

Siteaudit: Generate audit benchmark for your site
Siteaudit will analize your site and generate audit for Pagespeed, Lighthouse, A11y.

ANDI (Accessible Name & Description Inspector) is a free tool to test web content for accessibility.

RealtimeBoard Mind Map
A quick and easy way for teams to capture, organize, and structure their ideas.


CBA to make Albert accessibility upgrades after lengthy battle by George Nott
Commonwealth Bank of Australia has agreed to make software upgrades to its Albert EFTPOS devices, following a lengthy legal challenge and campaign from vision-impaired Australians.

The Definitive Guide to Form Label Positioning
When it comes to the design and development of forms, one of the most popular topics is the positioning of labels. There are a range of different options, but many articles on the subject touch on only some of the advantages and disadvantages of some of these options.

Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment sued over website accessibility
A class action lawsuit claims that Beyoncé’s official website violates the Americans With Disabilities Act (1990) by denying visually impaired users equal access to its products and services, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The State of the Web: Making the Web More Accessible
When you create an accessible website using best practices for design, development, and content, your website provides a great user experience for everyone. Accessible websites are a good business practice.


Running a Taurus Http Performance test in TeamCity using Docker by Pete Bartlett
I’ve wanted to get some automated performance tests into my CI pipeline for a while, and after finally taking some time to get to it over the quiet holiday period, I wanted to share my experience of how to do it, as I found a lot of the material online around this was not as clear to follow as I would like to see.


Software Tester — Leicestershire, UK
We operate a small in-house Software Development team consisting of Application & Database Developers, Business Analyst/Project Manager. We’ve been waiting to add a highly valued Software Tester to the team and this is where you come in.

Senior QA (Manual and Automation) — Berlin, Germany
We are looking for a Senior QA Engineer to work across our QA, Product, Engineering and Operations teams to develop a cutting-edge testing ecosystem. It would be great of this person also has experience as a mentor to other QA’s, we love knowledge sharing here!


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