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4 min readDec 3, 2019


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5 Ways to Time Travel Test [Whitepaper]

Temporal testing is critical for date sensitive business rules such as insurance rates, billing, and enrollment. Efficient time travel testing can increase your test coverage, accelerate development, and improve software quality. Read our whitepaper to learn the 5 ways to time travel software!

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  • Checklist to avoid the most common accessibility errors — look at ways to avoid the most common accessibility errors identified by the WebAIM accessibility analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages, and the HTTPArchive 2019 Web Almanac analysis of 5.8 million pages.
  • Accessibility by default — The European Parliament has funded a pilot project aimed at investigating which accessibility features could be built into authoring tools.
  • Getting Developers On Board with Accessibility — making sure your website, mobile site and apps are accessible to all users, including people with disabilities — is increasingly a Dev requirement that can’t be ignored.


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