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TimeShiftX — Travel in Time, Test with Ease
TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code or system clock changes and removing all pain points.

Masterclass: Strategies to make your automated checks reliable and robust with Peter Bartlett
Our next Masterclass is on the 19th February at 8pm UK time. Learn how to write automated checks in a way that is fast, reliable, maintainable and becomes a crucial part of your continuous delivery pipeline.

How can we teach teams to build quality into the systems? by prakriti
Some teams have reached out wanting to learn more about testing and how they can improve the quality of their products — now the question is do you all know specific training that might help? Or material that we can explore to build a custom workshop for these teams?

Have I Tried Enough Weird Stuff? by Elizabeth Zagroba
I was testing a piece of software that collected a person’s addresses for shipping within the United States. But it got me thinking: what other things might occur that were outside the direct experience of me and my developer?

Video: From Testing Hell to Testing Well — Adopting Whole Team Approach to Testability
Watch our recent Masterclass from Rob Meaney. Rob shared how a focus on testability helps facilitate deep testing and fast, reliable automation. He also explained how testers can advocate and inform their team about testability.

Exploratory testing documentation for embedded software testing by Abhilash Gururaja
Any recommendations on a tool using which I can easily assign charters to testers and testers can come up and record the scenarios based on this charter without too much of a hassle?

Bug Free Software at Scale? by offbeattesting
If you have a large scale software product with thousands or millions of users and stakeholders can it be bug free? I think here the answer is no. But I think it is a softer no that I would have used before.

Testing your contracts by Testersfindaway
So, contract testing… some of you may have done this before and some of you may not but it’s becoming more and more relevant given the rise of micro-services and REST APIs.

Boundary Value Analysis Explained by Alan Richardson
Boundary Value Analysis (BVA) is one of the most basic test techniques that we learn. Often taught at the same time as Equivalence Partitioning. In this post I explain the technique and use it it find a bug in Chrome and Firefox.

Mail Online demands browser warning U-turn from BBC
The Daily Mail’s website is calling for a browser alert that criticises its journalism to be changed. The NewsGuard plug-in currently brings up a warning that says dailymail generally fails to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability”.


3 Things Testers Forget When Testing a Website by Michael Ruttenberg
As testers we can’t remember everything, and as much as we would love to think so, we’re not Superman, or any of his friends or relatives. Here are some things I have forgotten to test from time to time.

How to write acceptance tests for a Facebook Messenger bot by Steven Withey
Here at ASOS, we’ve been experimenting with using natural language understanding capabilities to build new customer experiences in voice and conversational platforms.

Using ReadyAPI and Postman Alongside Each Other by Daniel Giordano
With the world of APIs growing so fast, it can be tough to keep up with all the tools, services, and techniques involved with a successful API lifecycle. One of the API tools we get asked most about is Postman.

Which programming language is best for software test automation in 2019? by Angie Jones
There is always a lot of uncertainty around which programming language to use when starting a new test automation project. Should you go with the same language that the development team is using? Or should you choose a language that has an abundance of community support so that you can easily get help when stuck? These are critical points to consider.


Episode 53: Cultures by Testing in the Pub
In this episode we have a chat about cultures. Are cultures forward or backward looking? Can you build a culture or does a culture just evolve? Who is responsible for a culture? What’s this “Culture of Quality” thing that’s so trendy at the moment actually all about?

Ep 23 David Cintz: Managing the Unpredictable by Humans of InfoSec
In this episode, David talks about his passion for the unpredictable, smashing vulnerabilities, and how he uses humor and hard work to connect with people and build relationships at LinkedIn.

Episode 412 — Top Things Every Programmer Should Know by Security in Five
This epsiode is for anyone learning to be a programmer or thinking about pivoting in their career to be a devleoper. To often I have seen people focus on the language but miss out on much larger, important concepts to be a developer.

112: Payroll scams, gold coin heists, web giants spanked by Smashing Security
Business email compromise evolves to target your company’s payroll, how the world’s largest gold coin was stolen from a Berlin museum, and are internet giants feeling the heat yet over data security?

Episode 8: Lia James — A Woman Who is a Connector by Women Who Change Tech
In this episode, Alison Wade and Jessie Shternshus chat with Lia James, a woman who is a connector. Lia is the co-host of Human Inclusive, a podcast that champions diversity, and amplifies the voices and experiences of diverse communities



Config Transformation — For Selenium Test by The Broken Test
Disclaimer this article is still about c# and .NET Framework in case net core config works little different. This time we will be talking about config transformation.


The curious case of the Raspberry Pi in the network closet by Christian Haschek
How we found, analyzed (with the help of Reddit) and in the end caught the culprit of a malicious device in our network.

Websites can steal browser data via extensions APIs by Catalin Cimpanu Malicious websites can exploit browser extension APIs to execute code inside the browser and steal sensitive information such as bookmarks, browsing history, and even user cookies.

Top Free VPN Apps On Android Ridden With Malware And Privacy Leaks by Charanjeet Singh
Generally, Android users look out for free VPN apps on Google Play Store as the first step towards protecting privacy. But a new report suggests that the top free VPN apps are actually home to many privacy leaks and malware.

Security bugs are fundamentally different than quality bugs by SheHacksPurple
This topic has come up a few times this year in question period: arguments that quality bugs and security bugs ‘have equal value’, that security testing and QA are ‘the same thing’, that security testing should ‘just be performed by QA’ and that ‘there’s no specific skillset’ required to do security testing versus QA.

Exposed JIRA server leaks NASA staff and project data! by Avinash Jain
Here, I’ll be talking about an interesting vulnerability that I have found in NASA Jira or more specifically a misconfiguration issue which caused the leakage of internal sensitive information of NASA including their internal user details, project details, employee names, employees mail id etc.

Twitter exposed some Android users’ protected tweets, and didn’t notice for over four years by Graham Cluley
Twitter has owned up to a privacy goof that exposed some Android users’ private tweets.


Integrated Continuous Testing Tool for JavaScript
Wallaby.js runs your JavaScript tests immediately as you type and displays execution results in your code editor. It also provides beautiful test and code coverage reports updated in realtime.


RoadBotics’ AI Could Change the Way Cities Maintain Roads by Prachi Patel
’Tis the season for potholes. When temperatures drop, the expansion and contraction of water that seeps into cracks in asphalt can create giant tire-chompers. But these problem spots are too often the final result of damage that has been brewing for a while.

AI is sending people to jail — and getting it wrong by Karen Hao
AI might not seem to have a huge personal impact if your most frequent brush with machine-learning algorithms is through Facebook’s news feed or Google’s search rankings.

What We Do With AI Is A Choice by Jacob Morgan
AI and Automation doesn’t have to create the job apocalypse that some people are worried about. We have a choice to make — will AI replace your workers or will it augment them?


Machine Learning Verification Engineer Cambridge, UK
This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a team that develops large-scale systems to tackle tough machine-learning problems.

Junior QA Engineer Enschede, Overijssel. Netherlands
With you in our team, bugs don’t stand a chance and every pixel should be in the right place. Your detail orientation, logical reasoning and focus on improvement make you the testing expert that your team can rely on.


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