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Should you automate negative scenarios?

Hi folks,

Test.bash(); is happening this week, the month of October has flown in and it’s been awesome seeing more of you registering. We cannot wait for this outstanding testing community to get together, to share their ideas, to learn something new and to feel that wonderful support of being part of a global community. So if you’ve a colleague or tester friend that needs a friendly nudge, do it now — or if you haven’t registered yet yourself, make it something you do today. We’re looking forward to seeing you online!

- Áine, MarketingBoss

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

🎧 New podcast episode of TestSphere Roulette. Simon is joined by Neil Studd and Dan Billing to discuss some really interesting topics. Have a listen for yourself.

We’ve been asking our 30 Days of Tools sponsors your questions. The latest addition comes from Xray! Find out how Xray could improve your testing life, how they test their tool, how they involve customers in tool development and more.

📺 Watch the latest Discussion hosted by Vernon Richards with guests Louise Gibbs, Olga Vovk and Hugh McCamphill to discuss Test tools. Learn how to create and expand your testing toolbelt with new tools and tool sources.

What do you do about automating API checks for ‘negative’ scenarios? Should you create automation for each scenario? Mark shares some guidance in his latest article. 🤖

Other community members have been sharing their wins for the week — maybe it’s a good way to start the week, to reflect on the week that has been, and plan for a more positive week ahead. 🎉

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End To End Testing in the Cloud White Paper

How can organizations apply the right automation strategies for their needs while staying on top of the challenges of testing cloud applications? Download Provar’s end to end testing white paper to find out.

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Discover Useful Business Posts

The existence of HTML metadata is critical for websites around the web, but there is little or no emphasis placed on automated testing around such data. Dimitri discusses SEO automated testing.

💡 An interesting use case example of mabl helping to overcome automated testing complexity for Salesforce. Maybe you’ve experienced similar issues?

Cagri explains what the software bug life cycle (SBLC) is, its importance, and how it should be implemented effectively in practice.

As teams have adopted agile practices, testing has to adapt to the needs of the project. Here are some ways the entire team can keep up with the pace of agile to get test-related activities done in better ways. 📝

Get Closer to the Community

📣 All too often things get lost in translation — this is a great post from Nicola “Are we talking about the same thing?”, confirming a shared understanding with your team can only be a good thing.

Maintaining your automated tests will make them easier to modify and run smoothly, now and in the long term. This is a really useful post from Dennis, with some tips on how to keep things up to date.

With the rise of digital monitoring software within schools and the workplace, the Tech Team Weekly podcast discuss the trade-offs between safety and snooping. 🔍

Good stuff for software testers.