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Risk or Fear: What drives your testing?

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“The STARWEST Community Is Wonderful!” | Sept. 29–Oct. 4

Join the testing community for the best.week.ever. in Anaheim, CA. There will be over 100+ learning sessions on the hottest topics — DevOps, test automation, continuous testing, leadership, AI/ML, and more. Early Bird Pricing Until August 30. Explore the Conference

Testing and the Community

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  • Postman — Postman is a massively popular tool when it comes to API testing, Mark & Richard spent some time exploring it in detail.
  • Elevate your automation game by using Git Hooks — Automatically consume APIs and perform behind-the-scenes actions with your everyday Git commands.

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  • Karate — an open-source tool to combine API test-automation, mocks and performance-testing into a single, unified framework.







Good stuff for software testers.

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Ministry of Testing

Ministry of Testing

Good stuff for software testers.

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