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TimeShiftX — Start Time Traveling Today

TimeShiftX lets you time travel your software to test all date and time sensitive functionality and code such as year-end, daylight savings, leap year, and billing. Employ instant time travel inside Active Directory & Kerberos without code changes and removing all pain points.

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Masterclass Video: Providing Value to Agile Ceremonies as a Tester with Melissa Tondi

The recorded Masterclass is now live on The Dojo! It was a great session, with lots of questions from the community at the end. Melissa discussed the agile ceremonies we tend to focus on, show where their long-standing use may result in the wrong outcome, and recommended ways to fix those tendencies.

Webinar: Improve Test Coverage by 30% in 30 Days

Join this webinar to learn how the #1 B2B services marketplace increased test coverage by 30% in 30 days. Get insights on how to test a complex product that constantly changes and optimize the process from sprint design to development, QA and release on 22 May, 9am PT.

London Tester Gathering Workshops 2018

Our London Tester Gathering Workshops are kicking off in a month! With two full days of training consisting of four awesome half-day workshops, the struggle will be to decide which workshops are right for you! Early Bird tickets are now available, saving you money, which I’m sure your accounts department will thank you for.

E-Commerce 30 Days of Testing Challenge Competition

We are over half way through our challenge and we wanted to remind you that Saucelabs are giving away 25 t-shirts to those involved! To be in with a chance to win, use the #30daysoftesting hashtag when you share your blogposts, or thoughts on Twitter. Or you can join the various discussions happening on The Club.

MoT Meetups

Each week we will feature one of our upcoming MoT community Meetups. Find or start a MoT meetup.

SWTC Glasgow — Testing In Agile — 29th May

Agile methodologies have become the dominant approach to software development, but what does that mean? How is it implemented and how does it affect us as testers?

The Club

We’ve picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with.

30 Days of E-commerce Testing Day 21: Alternative Ways to Buy

Day 21 of 30 days of e-commerce testing 1 is: Identify alternative ways that we can currently buy products without using a computer. For me, it’s mobile. I rarely ever buy on a tablet or laptop! What do you consider alternative ways to buy?

Is Test Automation = Regression Testing?

When I think about test automation, there are only two relevant applications Performace Testing and Regression Testing. Do you know about any other uses of test automation that does not fit either definition?

Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords — Probe Probare — To Properly Test

AI isn’t going away, and certainly, the testing blogosphere keeps returning to the subject. And not just the blogosphere: in today’s Daily Telegraph business section (14 May 2018), their business correspondent James Titcomb said: “Tech giants need to build ethics into AI from the start”.

Why Learning How To Automate Tests DOES NOT Make You A Better Tester — Software Testing — A Journey Of Discovery

I recently found myself retweeting a tweet by Alan Page on Twitter which struck a chord with me. It led to some interesting discussions and misunderstanding as to what point I was attempting to make.

Testing Blogs

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Testing Podcasts

MoT host various podcasts, but here is a selection of interesting testing podcasts from around the web.

Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups — and our MoT Slack. This is what they’ve been sharing.




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Good stuff for software testers.

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