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Missing Layer From The Test Automation Pyramid


TestBash Australia Tickets Are Live Grab Yours Now!
Not only are we serving up the awesome TestBash single track conference day, but we’ve got excellent half-day workshops to make TestBash Sydney a multi-day confer-fest!

Missing Layer From The Test Automation Pyramid by Richard
I spent yesterday prepping for my upcoming talk at SauceCon about the test automation pyramid and designing an effective automation strategy. I found myself drawn to creating some new visualisations, after studying the geometry of a pyramid. However, in the final visualisations, I’ve added ‘testability’ to the base of the pyramid. What do you think testability brings to the traditional pyramid model?

TestBash Germany Super Early Bird Tickets End Soon
The Super Early Bird tickets for the workshops, Automation In Testing and the conference day finish on the 1st of May. Best book those tickets this week!

Observability to Understand your Distributed Systems with Abby Bangser & Jon Barber
Distributed systems, containers and microservices means that bugs/failures are becoming harder to track down. We need better visibility if we hope to understand and correct these failures. This is where observability comes in. Attend Abby and Jon’s London Tester Gathering Workshop this June to learn more.

Riskstorming Experience Report: A Language Shift by Isle of Testing
RiskStorming is a format that helps a whole development team figure out the answer to three important questions: What is most important to our system? What could negatively impact its success? How do we deal with these possible risks? At TestBash Brighton, Martin Hynie told me about another benefit: It changes the language

TestBash Brighton & Automation in Testing — A Full Week of Learning by Elisabeth Hocke
About a week ago, I returned home from a full week of learning. I got selected to speak at TestBash Brighton 2019, the mother of all TestBashes — feeling super honored! When I learned that Richard Bradshaw and Mark Winteringham offered their three day course “Automation in Testing” just before the conference, I decided to extend my stay by these days.

Killing Your Darlings — Why Deleting Tests Raises Software Quality by Wild Tests
Testing is often thought of as a “how long is a piece of string” activity. Whilst there’s no clear definition of just how many tests per point, and no ratio of coding:testing which makes any amount of sense (this is always contextual anyway), a common rule of thumb is: the more time you spend on testing, the more likely you are to identify bugs… right?

TestBash Brighton: Days two and three by undevelopedbruce
The previous evening had been awesome. I’d ended up sitting at a table full of MOT bosses and volunteers, and we talked about my scholarship application, and I told them about how much my life had changed in the last couple of years.

Broaden the scope of the SUT by Jesper Ottosen
When testers talk about SUT (System Under Test) there seem to be an implied context of it being software, developed, bespoke software to be specific. Let me broaden the notion of a SUT using Wardley Maps and with that illustrates how testing can add value across the board.


Reading Order Bookmarklet by Adrian Roselli
When a keyboard-only user or screen reader user comes to page that uses CSS to create a layout, there is a chance that what is on the screen does not match the flow of the page.

axe for Android
The most comprehensive accessibility analysis tool available for the Android Platform. Download and start testing the accessibility of your Android app today.

Free captcha solving chrome extension
Websites are primarily designed to be interacted with visually which is hard to do if you have a visual impairment. Here I think there’s big potential for AI to help and look at the web page visually and then give correct and helpful information to the visually impaired or blind user.


Overcoming Challenges When Moving Toward Parallel Testing by Scott Fitzpatrick
As we know, parallel testing refers to the process of running multiple automated test scripts simultaneously against various configurations. This strategy provides numerous benefits that can assist a development organization in delivering a high-quality product without slowing the speed of delivery.

10 Tips to Improve Automated Performance Testing within CI Pipelines Part 3 by Paul Bruce
The following is the final piece of our three-part series, “10 Tips to Improve Automated Performance Testing within CI Pipelines.” This week’s installment focus is on tips 7–10.


Keptn: Shipping and running cloud native apps with Alois Reitbauer by PurePerformance
How many different continuous delivery pipelines do you have in your organization? Do you have dedicated teams that keep them up-to-date and constantly extend them with new tool integrations? Have you already built in capabilities for shadow, dark, blue/green or canary deployments? Is auto-mitigation and self-healing already on your internal pipeline roadmap? Sounds like a lot of manual work?

Episode 471 — DevSecOps — Writing Security User Stories by Security in Five
DevSecOps is driven, usually, by an agile process. The user stories are what drives the development and in the current SAFE methodology it’s difficult to get non-functional requirements, especially security related, written as user stories.

#16: We’re Having a BBQ by Parallel
Each spring, all the accessibility tech nerds go to the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in Southern California. At the end, a bunch of us do a wrap-up podcast for Blind Bargains, which covers the show from soup to nuts, Braille to navigation. I’m bringing you that show in hopes that it gives you some insight into how what’s happening in accessible tech matches up with the wider world.

124: Poisoned porn ads, the A word, and why why why Wipro? by Smashing Security
The hacker who lived the high life after spreading malware via porn sites, Wipro demonstrates how to turn a cybersecurity crisis into a PR disaster, and why are humans listening in to your Alexa conversations?

Stress Cases by The Testing Show
We are all familiar with stress testing when we put an application under load or negative conditions but what about when we put ourselves under those same conditions? Rachel Kibler and Elle Gee join Matthew Heusser and Michael Larsen to talk about this more human element of software testing that often gets overlooked and how applying it to our everyday testing activities might help us do better testing overall.

250: Pushing Security Testing Left, Like a Boss with Tanya Janca by Joe Colantonio
Today we’ll be test talking with security testing expert Tanya Janca about application security and more. Tanya is passionate about application security and evangelizing software security and will share why you should be, too.



Will AI Perform Testing? by Jeff Nyman
The title of this article is actually a little too simplistic. It’s more about asking: “Will AI TrulyPerform Testing?” Or perhaps; “Will AI Perform Actual Testing?”

Headless Browser Testing with Selenium by Sławomir Radzymiński
In this article, I’m going to explain when is it worth to use headless browser and what are the actual limitations. As usual, I have also prepared a Java demo with 5 most popular headless browsers used with Selenium WebDriver — Chrome, Firefox, HtmlUnit, PhantomJS, and JBrowser.

Testing metrics thoughts and examples: how to turn lights on and off through MQTT with pytest-play by Davide Moro
In this article I’ll share some personal thoughts about test metrics and talk about some technologies and tools playing around a real example: how to turn lights on and off through MQTT collecting test metrics.


Accessibility Events by Mat Marquis
“There isn’t some way to know when — …?” There is always a pause here. The client knows what they’re asking, and I know what they’re asking, but putting it into words — saying it out loud — turns unexpectedly difficult.

Why Cancel Buttons Should Never Have a Color by anthony
What does the Cancel button exactly do? It dismisses the user’s current screen and brings them back to their previous one. Users rely on this dismissive button as a safeguard to prevent them from making unwanted changes to the system.

Procedure & Criteria for Running a Website Usability Tests by Eric Smith
Usability tests are critical for the success of any product. One must note that the scope of conducting the usability test is vast and can be practically done over any product from cloud-based software to futuristic gaming consoles.


Backdoor code found in popular Bootstrap-Sass Ruby library by Catalin Cimpanu
Backdoor code was found added in a popular Ruby library used for frontend user interfaces inside Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications. The malicious code was removed via a library update.

Women are only 24% of the infosec workforce. Now go follow them on Twitter by Matthew Hughes
The technology industry has, at least, for the past forty years, been something of a sausage-fest, with men dominating almost all tiers of the workplace. A new report from infosec industry group, the (ISC)2, shows that’s gradually changing. Not only are women representing a larger swathe of the cybersecurity workforce, they’re also accomplishing great things in leadership roles.

Cybersecurity: This giant wargame is preparing for the next big election hackby Steve Ranger
A giant cyber-defence exercise has pitted teams from NATO nations against mysterious hackers trying to cause chaos during the elections of a small, fictional, country.

‘NamPoHyu Virus’ Ransomware Targets Remote Samba Servers by Lawrence Abrams
A new ransomware family called NamPoHyu Virus or MegaLocker Virus is targeting victims a bit differently than other ransomware. Instead of an executable running on a victim’s computer, the attacker is running the ransomware locally and having it remotely encrypt accessible Samba servers.





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