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Announcing the Keynote Speakers at Fall OnlineTestConf: November 28–29 2017

PractiTest is proud to announce its keynote speakers for the upcoming Online Testing Conference. Session topics will include “Modern testing”, DevOps, Automation and beyond. Attendance is free and meant for anyone in the testing community. Join the sensation.

Introducing Testers’ Island Discs

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our podcasts, Tester’s Island Discs! In each episode, Neil Studd will interview testers from around the globe, about their careers, passions and musical inspirations. Listen to the first podcast.

European Testing Conference 2018

Early bird tickets for European Testing Conference Amsterdam, on February 19–20th are now available! 4 keynotes of awesomeness, 5 workshops — you can choose 2 to attend, 3 demo talks, 11 talks and 3 discussion sessions. Get your early bird ticket.

Two Scholarships Available To Attend RST

Rapid Software Testing course happening in Manchester on 23rd-25th October will be our last one. RST is a comprehensive 3-day testing course which will make you re-think everything you think you know about testing. We’d like to use the scholarship fund to help 2 aspiring software testers attend. Send email explaining why you would like to attend to

30 Days of Testing | Day 21: How Are You Managing Your Testing?

How are you managing your testing? Is it a fluid process or are there a lot of stages to it? Do you feel like you are managing it well or are do you get a feeling that it’s just not right? Are you using a tool like Zephyr or TestRail? Join the discussion.

Quality Jam London 2017

Is heading to London on 11th October for the first time ever! Designed to inspire and empower you with fresh ideas, this 1-day conference will help you discover the best software testing techniques from the world’s top experts — including Keith Klain. Save 50% with our Ministry of Testing friends code: MinistryFriends. Register Today.

30 Days of Agile Testing — Testing Toolkit — offbeattesting

What is in my toolkit? What kind of tools do I and my team rely on and use to help us at testing? I recently got a new laptop and so maybe I’ll just go through some of the tools and programs I installed on it as examples of the kinds of tools I find useful. Read the blog post.

Road To The Peak Of Your Profession — Antti Niittyviita

An interesting read on how we can become dismissive of training when we decide that we have heard it before. Maybe we believe we’ve heard it all before, therefore missing the some key points that we could learn from. Read the post.

The 2017 Version Of A Rotary Phone

Ah the joys of finding a woeful piece of UI Design, enough to make you wonder if someone was having an off day. Or maybe it was never meant for public consumption! Interesting viewing.

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