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How to Scale Mobile Testing Across Several Teams


Exploratory Testing LIVE Q&A with James Bach
In this unique PractiTest Webinar, James Bach and Joel Montvelisky will discuss your questions regarding Exploratory and Session-Based Testing, from Theory to Methodology. Sign up & Seize this great opportunity to join and submit any related question you might have.

Testers’ Island Discs Ep24 — Kim Knup by Neil Studd
We continue our run of interviews with upcoming TestBash speakers by chatting to Brighton-based Kim Knup, who will be presenting at TestBash San Francisco about the challenges of testing voice-activated devices.

Turning Testers into Machine Learning Engineers by Jason Arbon
Software testers should welcome this new world of AI-driven testing. Most testers are worried their jobs will be replaced, or the AI will have all the fun. This transition to AI-driven testing is an opportunity for testers if they seize the moment.

QA time during Hackathons by Christian Dabnor
So, our Devs have a bimonthly Hackathon, where they pick projects and that intrigue them and form squads and stuff. As QAs, we’re left a little out of it, and there’s not much for us to do. I think the QA team could make good use of this time.

Test Automation Webinar with Angie Jones
Join Angie for this advanced session — learn apply the pillars of object-oriented programming to your test automation code, so it’s reliable, robust and easily maintainable.

Demystifying Machine Learning, Part 3 by Jeff Nyman
In this post we’ll deal with some of what’s going on between the coding and the theory. This is where some of the practice comes in.

Writing In The Technical Voice by MelTheTester
Blogs are as prolific as cockroaches. While this might have a bad connotation, from a scientific point of view, cockroaches are fascinating and so is writing for a blog or online magazine.

Live Blog: How to Scale Mobile Testing Across Several Teams by Alex
I’m Alex Schladebeck, your friendly live-blogger for Testbash Germany! Next up is Daniel. He’s definitely a star in the mobile testing world, so I’m excited to learn from him in this talk.

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Google’s Load Time Ranking Update & Performance Testing by Larry Loeb
You may have heard that as of early July, Google updated its search algorithm to include the load time of mobile URLs. While we knew this was coming back in January. For the performance tester, it has real implications — let’s take a look.

Challenges of Being the Team’s Sole Tester by Mike Talks
Today we’ll look at how my peers found their voice and dealt with many of the challenges of being “that sole tester” …​

How to Get Regression Defects Under Control by Kathryn Nest
Regression defects can be the most frustrating thing in the software world. If you don’t know what that means, exactly, or you don’t have direct experience with it, let me set the stage for you.


Episode 89: Modern Testing Mailbag by AB Testing
All mailbag episode as we answer questions about combined engineering teams, life after Modern Testing, and early project “data” samples.

070 Exploring Real User Monitoring with Ben Rushlo by PurePerformance
In this episode, Ben talks to us about Real User Monitoring. What happens when good bots go bad?

The State of Software Quality in 2018 with Shailesh Rao by Joe Colantonio
As software continues to eat the world, it’s important to recognize the impact of poor quality software devouring your business.

Episode 324 — Non Technical Skills You Should Have For A DevSecOps Career by Security in Five
DevSecOps sounds technical. Technology driven automation and the skills required to put it altogether are technology heavy. However, there are many non-technical skills required if you want to be a more effective DevSecOps resource in your career.

What Should I Consider When Testing in the Public Cloud? by Ask PerfBytes
The move from monolithic applications in the private data-center to micro-services in public or even private clouds brings with it a whole new set of considerations when testing.

Building Great Testing Teams by The Testing Show
As the software delivery process matures and grows, a variety of teams are forming and becoming part of the everyday testing landscape.

Episode 325 — Google Titan Security Key Available To The Public, What Is It? by Security in Five
Google has released their Titan Security Key to the public. What is it and do you need it?

Episode 006 — The Workarounds Special 2018 by The Evil Tester Show
Have you ever used a workaround to get something done? You betcha. In this show I describe some examples and how important they have been in my testing and my career. And some of the risks you face when you use them.

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18 HTML Funny 404 Pages by Vladimir Stepura
Collection of free HTML and CSS funny 404 pages.

Improving Load Performance — Chrome DevTools 101
This tutorial shows you how to use Chrome DevTools to find ways to make your pages load faster.

You know your web page sucks if it attacks the reader and never stops loadingby Fred Showker
What happens when your web page breaks the rules and attacks visitors?

The Rise of Anti-Notifications by Adrian Zumbrunnen
Few inventions affected our relationship with technology as much as push notifications have.



My arsenal of AWS security tools by Toni
I’ve been using and collecting a list of helpful tools for AWS security.

Just-API is a declarative, specification based test framework for REST, GraphQL (or any HTTP-based) APIs.


Is WordPress Secure? Here’s What the Data Says by Brian Jackson
WordPress is, by far, the most popular way to build a website. That popularity has the unfortunate side effect of also making WordPress sites a juicy target for malicious actors all across the world.

Changing Our Approach to Anti-tracking by Nick Nguyen
Many of the harms of unchecked data collection are completely opaque to users and experts alike, only to be revealed piecemeal by major data breaches.

Vodafone: Users with “1234” passwords to pay for the stolen money by SwiftSafe
In the nefarious world of cybercrime, telecom companies continue being aimed as Vodafone reports the accounts of almost 2000 customers being hacked.

Security flaw in ‘nearly all’ modern PCs and Macs exposes encrypted data by Zack Whittaker
A firmware bug means existing security measures "aren't enough to protect data in lost or stolen laptops," says new security research.


Usability and Accessibility Testing by Kristin Jackvony
Two often-overlooked types of application testing are Usability Testing and Accessibility Testing.

WCAG 2.1: What’s up with Accessibility Guidelines by Sathish Kumar
The fifth of June 2018 saw a lot of buzz in the world of digital accessibility, social media and in blogs. What was this all about?

Blind woman sues Bklyn Brewery over ‘inaccessible’ website by Colin Mixson
A blind woman hauled the owners of Brooklyn Brewery to civil court on federal discrimination charges for allegedly failing to provide a handicapped-accessible website, her lawyer said.

Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind by Rich Staats
Color plays an integral role in UI design. When done right, it improves user experience, influences purchasing decisions, and reflects the brands voice.


Postman – The Bearer of good news… by Danny Dainton
For ages, I was doing something that just felt a bit wrong but it worked so I went with it, until I found an awesome community member, that decided to share their work to a wider audience.

How To Run Your Selenium Tests Headlessly in Docker by Chris Kenst
t used to be that in order to get your Selenium tests running on a given machine you had to install each individual browser and then the browser drivers. However that’s all changed if we instead use containers.

How to manage multiple Python versions and virtual environments by Dominic Fraser
Here we’ll look at three different tools for working with these, and when you might need each one.


Software Test Engineer (f/m) Automation (Brno, Brno. Czech Republic)
Our Brno R&D center is focused on new products development in the area of Operating Room Integration and has End to End design ownership.

Senior Software Tester (Manchester, UK) At Auden, we’re creating a company from the ground up, based on true innovation in tech, data, and finance.

QA Engineer (Dunston, UK)
You will be working closely with the development team delivering high quality, tested, features and functionality for our range of Motor Finance point of sale and web technology.


Meetups happening soon!




Good stuff for software testers.

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