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How Do You Handle Your Test Data?

Hello and welcome to your weekly testing news.

I always enjoy what Melissa Fisher has to share and their recent definition of testing got me thinking about the importance of exploring our own definitions. There’s power in taking an existing thing and reflecting what it means to you — and then sharing the outcome with the world. You might inspire someone and that could change the course of their career.

What definitions could you explore today to reshape, reconstruct and inspire someone? Take a punt and share somewhere in our community or feel free to message me at I’d love to hear from you!

Have a good day. 😃
Simon, CommunityBoss

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We’ve picked out some posts from our blog and podcast feeds that we think would be useful.

Dan North provides a deep dive reflection of why we need to talk about testing. Amongst many good points, I like how he calls out three superpowers: empathy, skepticism, and ingenuity.
Tags: Testing Definition, Test Approach, Anti-patterns, TDD

Want to explore a methodical and detailed approach to implementing change? Check out Antoine Craske’s article on How To Reach The Tipping Point of Quality Engineering. It’s jammed packed with techniques to experiment with.
Tags: Change Management, Process Improvement

I very much enjoyed Nicola Lindgren’s interview with her husband, Andreas. He’s a Backend Lead Engineer and shares many useful reflections. Find out what he had to say about testing!
Tags: Interviews, Developers

I’m surprised this video of Simon Stewart hasn’t had more views. There are all sorts of useful ideas and recommendations.
Tags: Anti-patterns, Traps, Automation, Test Approach

It’s always great to hear from such a brilliant community leader like Marie Drake. Read what she’s been up to in June and July.
Tags: Career Growth, API Testing, Accessibility, Events, Books



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