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How Do Testers Provide Insight?

Hi there,

Áine (MarketingBoss) and I chat each day and we recently discussed how it’s ok to slow down as the year-end approaches. We explored how it’s good for your mental well-being to prioritise what matters and be mindful of taking on all the things. HolidayBash is fast approaching on Friday 3rd December and we hope this is an opportunity to slow down, have fun and enjoy hanging out online with your fellow community. How might you slow down today?

- Simon, CommunityBoss

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End To End Testing in the Cloud White Paper

How can organizations apply the right automation strategies for their needs while staying on top of the challenges of testing cloud applications? Download Provar’s end to end testing white paper to find out.

What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

Thank you for a brilliant October. Check out the final community roundup for 30 Days of Tools and Test.bash();. How might you apply what you learned?

📺 Mark and Richard have released their original 99 Minute Workshops — Automation in Testing video series. Find out about testability, automatability, modeling a system plus so much more!

Reply to the following:
👉 Do testers need to know how a feature is implemented? Join the discussion.
👉 How do you deal with a “that’s too technical for you to understand so I won’t tell you” type of statement? Share your thoughts.
👉 How do you share what you’re testing outside of your immediate team and why? Answer here.

Public speaking can be intimidating, but thankfully our excellent community have shared tips. Read advice on preparing, practicing, delivery, and more!

It’s now possible to filter the Tool Directory to only show tools that have demo videos. Nice! And not seeing a tool you think others should know about? Feel free to submit a tool. 🧰

Want to participate in the Ministry of Testing community yet unsure where to start? Have a look at this post and make it work for you. 👀

This newsletter is kindly supported by Testim

Why Test Automation Fails: Test Design and Implementation Tips

Test automation can reduce labor, lower human errors, and speed up software delivery. In this webinar, Testim reviews why test automation can fail and offers design tips to get projects back on track. Register now.

Join 2021 Online Events

If you’re interested in finding out about future meetups, whether online or in person, check out the many Ministry of Testing Meetups or keep an eye on the Slack Events channel.

Register for 99 Minute Workshops

⭐️ All 99 Minute Workshops are included in a Ministry of Testing Pro membership. ⭐️

Discover Useful Business Posts

☎️ You cannot test native mobile apps with Cypress, but you can get pretty close with mobile web apps. Filip Hric shares some examples and a repository with the attached tests for you to work through.

Embracing DevOps is not easy. How can you and your team embrace collaboration with fearless visibility and why should you bother? 🤝

How to Become a Good QA Engineer? Anastasiia Lastovetska shares some crucial points: pump your soft skills, hone your hard skills with the help of specialized courses, practice, and gain experience in any way.

🤦‍♀️ Do you get frustrated when you get a story to test with only a few notes about implementation or expected behaviour? What improvements could be made in the developer tester handover? Rachel Kibler has some ideas to share from their own experience.

Quality engineering teams often find themselves between a rock and a hard place. To maximize the potential of software testing and create a culture of quality, QE teams need ways to maintain an efficient automated testing strategy.

Get Closer to the Community

Louise Gibbs’ Weekly XPath and CSS Selector challenge looks cool. And it makes use of Mark Winteringham’s button!

🪡 How do you decide when to stop testing? Mike explores this topic in his useful article. Look out for the heuristic of “identifying the vital few and the trivial many”.

Janet and Lisa talk about the definition of ready, not as a gate, yet as part of a holistic testing approach.

An old post can still be relevant. Revisit Cassandra’s many excellent reasons why testers need to provide insight.

Elizabeth Zagroba provides plenty of advice nuggets as she reflects on her time at TestBash Manchester 2019. Will one of them unlock something in you? 🔑

Good stuff for software testers.

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Ministry of Testing

Good stuff for software testers.

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