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Goal Setting — A Podcast Workshop

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Can Your Test Management Solution Do All This?

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A Podcast Workshop — Goal Setting

We’re trying something new with this podcast, it’s been designed to be a follow along ‘podcast workshop’. We’re joined by Tom Griffin and Mike Clarke discussing goal setting. Ready to set some goals?

Career Improvement Session — Learn What Managers Look For When Hiring Testers

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your testing skills and job-market appeal: executive Mike Lyles will outline what makes a great tester, and what managers look for when hiring testers. Save your seat for this webinar on Thursday, March 15 @ 10 am PT.

Testing Ask Me Anything — Quality Engineering

What is Quality Engineering? How is it different to QA? Isn’t that some archaic process from the 1980’s? All potential questions you could ask Anne Marie Charret in our live webinar on Tuesday 13th March at 8pm UK time. Register now and ask your question in the Ask A Question section or upvote a question you want answered.

Agile Test Management within Continuous Integration

How do you manage a suite of thousands of tests within a CI environment and yet still get fast feedback? How do you move away from the “everyone owns everything = no one owns anything” mindset and instead leverage the “small team” agile approach? In this TestBash Netherlands talk, Angie Jones will answer these questions by sharing the lessons she has learned over the years managing a large suite of automated scenarios within a CI process.

MoT Meetups

Each week we will feature one of our upcoming MoT community Meetups.

Edinburgh — Testing Legacy applications in the “Modern World” — 21st March

For March we have a superb speaker in Gary Davies, Head of Test for Mindtree. Gary is going to talk to us about a challenge a lot of us face into, how we can manage the transformation from Legacy systems into a modern context.

The Club

We’ve picked a few topics of interest from The Club for you to read, contribute and generally get involved with.

Testing Invisible reCAPTCHA

A website project I’m working on has moved the signup form away from the reCAPTCHA (with a tickbox) to invisible reCAPTCHA. This means that the method of proving a human is operating the form has moved from a visible tickbox that’s always there to something behind the scenes deciding this.

Advice For Testing In A Startup

What is your own experience with software testing in a startup? What advice would you give to a startup looking to test well or test better? Do you focus more on automation? Security? Performance? Exploratory? Helping people to understand the risks across the board?

Community Posts

Highlighting a selection of blog posts from the testing community.

The Tester And The Code Review | iAmALittleTester

Code review, although very important and frequent in the software development world, is not as frequent in the automation testing world. Code is still code, no matter whether it is created for implementing or testing a feature, so there should be code reviews for all of it.

Why I like Testing in Production — Dragons for Elevenses

This post is an attempt to show, that testing in production can be another tool in the testers arsenal, to be used when the context fits and if the team you’re working with have the capability to do so now, or the desire to build that capability for the future.

Testing Blogs

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Testing Podcasts

MoT host various podcasts, but here is a selection of interesting testing podcasts from around the web.

Testing Chatter

We keep a close eye on our two slack groups — and our MoT Slack. This is what they’ve been sharing.

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