Ministry of Testing Monthly Round Up for December

December RoundUp of All Things MoT

First of all, we hope you had a wonderful end to 2017 and are enjoying a great start to 2018! It’s time for your monthly catch up on all things MoT from the month of December! It was a busy month, between welcoming a new Boss Boss — Richard Bradshaw and sharing plenty of community-driven content!

The Club

A few selected discussions from The Club that we thought you might find interesting.

The Club Ninja

Each month we select one of our club users to be our ninja of the month, however as it’s December — we’ve picked a Ninja of the Year — Jesper Ottosen! Jesper has won a year subscription to The Dojo!

The Dojo

Snapshot of all the content produced for The Dojo throughout December! You’ll find articles, podcasts and videos.

A great new article series ‘When Support Calls: Helping Your Support Team To Help Your Customers’ by James Thomas, Chris George & Neil Younger. In this series, they introduce some support call basics, how to prepare for a call, ways to survive and even thrive on the call, how to end the call, and then think about what kinds of things can be done to cement what you learned afterwards.

A brilliant Masterclass with Franziska Sauerwein & Maaret Pyhäjärvi ‘Tips to Improve Collaboration Between Testers and Developers’. Throughout the evolution of software development, testers have struggled to be treated as equals and developers have lacked the understanding of why they should care.

A few Testers’ island Discs podcasts to listen to with Neil Studd:

A few heartwarming Scholarship stories:

A few podcast from the Super Testing Bros

  • TestBash Manchester Review by Super Testing Bros — James and Dan review the TestBash event in Manchester. Find out their top 3 picks and favourite moments.
  • Testing for Developers — The Super Testing Bros talk to two developers, Raoul D’Cunha and Ankan Sircar about what testing means to them.
  • A fantastic article ‘How To Grow Your Mobile Application Testing Skills’ by Maxim Zheleznyy. Whether you are currently testing a mobile app, or want to learn more about mobile testing and what it involves; this article has ideas can help you get started and aid you with your testing journey in the mobile space.

All the TestBash Philadelphia talks!

Life At The Ministry

Welcoming The New BossBoss by Rosie Sherry. Rosie talks about transitioning from being the Boss Boss of Ministry of testing, learning to take a back seat and handing over the reins to Richard Bradshaw.

January Events

Future Events

Just a quick sneak peek at what events are coming up in the next few months

December Job Postings

All of the jobs posted throughout the month of October on our Jobs board.



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