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Are You Open to Experiencing Your Cognitive Biases?

There’s something about the Ask Me Anything (AMA) format that offers an excellent opportunity to learn about someone in the community. And we learn so much! I was reminded of the AMA’s at last year’s Test.bash(); — with Simon, Marie, Julia, and Vernon.

And Test.bash(); is back again next month, on 28th October. Check out the recently launched schedule and register with a Pro membership or purchase a ticket.

Have a good week!
Simon, CommunityBoss 😃

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

🧰 There’s still time to sign up for daily challenges in preparation for 30 Days of Tools. Help create a tool-aware toolbox for you and others, throughout October and beyond.

What are the four core building blocks that make up a UI automation framework? Mark Winteringham describes it all in his excellent article. 🔖

Discover how to build a culture of quality at this free-to-attend 99 Minute Workshop on Monday 27th September at 5pm UK time. Bertold will help you prioritise quality initiatives, build a plan for how you can champion quality, and more!

👉 What is your opinion on having end-to-end UI tests? Join the conversation.
👉 How much negative testing is acceptable? Share your thoughts.
👉 And what’s your favourite screenshotting tool? Chip in.

Are you open to experiencing first-hand your cognitive biases? Join João and Michael in their workshop: Meet Your Own Biases and become a better tester, Wednesday 29th September at 12pm UK time.

New podcast: TestSphere Roulette Episode 4 — Maaike Brinkhof and Peet Michielsen. What did the wheel land on this time around? 🎧

🎙Super excited for the amazing Test.bash(); hosts — Test.Bash(); is our automation and technically testing-focused TestBash. Check out who will guide you throughout the day. Plus many thanks to our brilliant Black Belt Sponsors who continue to support the community.

TOP TIP: Stuck on any topic related to testing? You can search our content or perform a keyword search on The Club. Rediscover and reignite great conversations. There’s a treasure trove of helpful information out there! 👑

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You’ve taken the time to create your automated tests. Let’s make sure you run them! And if they are unreliable, fix them, and then run them. 🏃‍♂️

Are you starting to think about the holiday season? With people still heavily relying on online shopping, it’s best to start making those plans.

👀 Have you tried Visual UI Testing Android apps with Applitools and Bitrise? Moataz has a great guide to help you get started.

🎉 Announcing TestRail 7.2 release! It has improved charts and drill-down capabilities that will help you get to important testing information faster than ever.

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Corissa E Haury shares many compelling reasons why your data needs a QA process. Discover six dimensions of data quality and the types of data QA tests.
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How do you manage your testing devices? It can be a headache to know who’s got what devices and what devices those are! Johanna South shares how they use Slack to manage their testing devices. 📱
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What job did someone hire that product or service for? Mike Harris shares their take on how identifying jobs-to-be-done creates a better understanding of your customers, to influence how you test.
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🎧 There are many excellent community conversations taking place on Racket right now. Have a look and listen to everything tagged “testing”.
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