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Are there any myths & legends of testing that are true?

Hi folks,

I recently asked the question “The most frustrating misconception about testers?” and got some great answers. I was reminded that Vernon Richards gave a great talk “Myths and Legends of Software Testing”. In this talk, Vernon explored whether any of these myths & legends of software testing are true, false or somewhere in between and how testers can tackle them. Worth a watch.

- Áine, MarketingBoss

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Fall OnlineTestConf is just a couple of weeks away!

The 11th OnlineTestConf (November 3–4th) is on its way. The sessions, led by great speakers, will tackle the most debated topics on everyone’s minds. Attendance is free but the knowledge shared will be priceless. Save your seat!

What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

🔎 Do you have tiny testing tools that help make your testing life better? Andrea Jensen shares some of her favourites, some worth checking out.

Can you believe that Test.bash(); is less than 2 weeks away? There will be a wealth of tools and topics covered — discovering which tools could actually be hindering your testing, learning to combine performance testing automation tools, setting up a test automation framework for mobile and even more. Register or buy your ticket today!

🎧 Mark Winteringham talks to Viv Richards in our latest podcast. They discuss activity-driven learning, creating tools to facilitate learning and Viv’s new course.

Learn how to create and expand your testing toolbelt with new tools and tool sources during our next Discussion with Louise Gibbs, Olga Vovk and Hugh McCamphill on Tuesday 19th Oct at 8pm BST. 💡

30 Days of Tools Community Roundup #3 — People have shared innovative ways of creating collections of random data, we had our first Slack AMA with Christine Zierold and new tool directory additions.

📺 The Bucks meetup group recently had an Open Mic Night — lots of 5 minute talks on all things testing. There may have even been a song or two. The recording is available to all our members to watch.

TOP TIP: Stuck on any topic related to testing? You can search our content or perform a keyword search on The Club. Rediscover and reignite great conversations. There is so much helpful information out there!

This newsletter is also kindly supported by Xray

Xray — Native Test Management

Xray embeds the quality management process into the development workflow. With Native Quality Management, all QA tools, tests and processes are infused into the development environments you already work with, like Jira. So Quality and Development teams speak the same language, stay on the same page, and release consistently quality software — together.

Join 2021 Online Events

If you’re interested in finding out about future meetups, whether online or in person, check out the many Ministry of Testing Meetups or keep an eye on the Slack Events channel.

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Discover Useful Business Posts

This article discusses the evolution of touch gestures and how you can simplify the way you perform automated tests for gestures using a new plugin in Appium 2.0. 📱

I think we’ve all had to use excel to manage our tests at one point. Here are 7 benefits of using a test management app vs. excel, maybe it’s time to investigate some other test management options.

📦We all are familiar with black box and white box testing and have spent years doing them. Gray box testing now has a central place due to the merits of both approaches, and the removal of most of their demerits. So what is it?

Determining adequate test coverage for a feature or application can be challenging, it does not provide information about test quality. Here are a few ways your team can create impactful test coverage strategies.

Learn what you need to know about the Selenium 4 release from the Selenium 4 Knowledge Hub by Sauce Labs.

🕵️‍♀️ How do you manage test cases for payment systems? Read how incorporating OWASP guidelines and testing for PCI compliance to keep security concerns in the minds of the test and development teams.

Get Closer to the Community

I really enjoyed this from Elizabeth That “I Did It!” Feeling. It gives a great insight into how you can work with your team to help them achieve their goals and give a sense of satisfaction that we all need in different ways. ⭐️

Louise has taken on the 30 Days of Tools challenges and sharing her answers on her blog — this time “How do you convince your team/company to invest in tools?

🎤 We’ve all seen the fun at Facebook recently, well the Tech Team Weekly podcast are talking about everything that happened!




Good stuff for software testers.

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Ministry of Testing

Ministry of Testing

Good stuff for software testers.

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