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80% Automated and 20% Exploratory. Really?

Hello and welcome to your weekly testing news.

Callum Akehurst-Ryan always provides great insight and information for us to reflect on. I enjoyed their recent take on acceptance criteria, that checking acceptance criteria isn’t enough. What about those implicit and assumed requirements? What of those might you consider and how might that help your testing today?

Have a great week!
Simon, CommunityBoss 😃

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What’s New With Ministry of Testing?

📣 We’ve launched a whole new series of excellent 99 Minute Workshops for September. Learn about automation in testing, effective writing, HTTP proxying, and much more! And if you’re new to testing or want to sharpen up on those testing essentials, check out the essentials workshops.

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🎧 Listen to the latest episode of Testers’ Island Discs! Sam Connelly and Neil Studd chat about the challenges of pairing online in different timezones, finding motivation during lockdowns, and ways to stream quickly & cheaply.

What happens when you document tests together with your source code? Join Samuel, Conrad, and Harsh as they explore this topic.

Can you continue to add to this excellent thread on becoming a tester? It’s jam-packed full of advice for someone looking to start a career in testing!

🤝 There are many ways to improve the relationship between developers and testing professionals. What’s worked for you? Check out many ideas for inspiration.

It’s super important to celebrate the successes of the community, no matter how big, small, or somewhere in-between. What’s your win for the month of August? 🎉

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Great to see Julia Pottinger’s use of why, who, what, how, where, and when in her latest guide to producing a test automation strategy. How could it help you today and beyond?
Tags: Test Automation, Test Strategy, Tools, Documentation

Leading by example with a small change can make all the difference for a bigger change in the process. Very much enjoyed reading Mukta Sharma’s story.
Tags: Change Management, Meetings, Sprint Planning

Seek clarity on the role of an SDET in this handy post by Gaurav Singh, including their thoughts on skills, reporting, and tools plus a take on the difference between a Test Engineer and SDET.
Tags: SDET, Definitions, Job Roles

“Can you even say a user story is 80% tested with automated tests and 20% with exploratory? 20% of what?” This is a great article by Gregory Paciga, full of brilliant reflections on clarifying what you want to measure and why.
Tags: Test Strategy, Test Automation, Exploratory Testing, Metrics

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